May 12, 2022

A Reminder for Those who Feel Unworthy of Love.

unworthy of love

We’ve all been down this path before,

at least once in our lifetime,

the path of thinking ourselves unworthy,

of deeming our anxiety unprecedented or unjustifiable,

of deeply believing that we are too broken to be loved,

of basking in our fears and carrying our baggage alone,

of wondering why someone was capable of loving us,

and expecting them to leave the moment they see what’s beyond our lopsided smile,

of pushing people away because we have gotten so used to sitting with our loneliness that it is frightening to see someone else join us in the darkness,

of giving our all to the one we are falling for but refusing that they give us anything in return

because we think we are unworthy,

because we think we are beyond redemption,

because we think the world is better than us,

because, because, because…

But what we fail to realize is that each one of us is our own version of perfect;

each one of us is born with a soul written with a special code that only few can read;

each one of us is born with a soul bearing the shape of a special heart,

the heart of someone who will cherish our imperfections,

who will carry our baggage with us and embrace them,

who will hold our hand as we fight our fears and anxieties,

who will have their own fears and anxieties,

who will give us room to carry their burdens with them,

and as we continue our path together,

will pull each other up and soldier on,

unafraid to show our beautiful and imperfect self,

unafraid to love ourselves,

unafraid to accept that we are in fact worthy of tenderness,

worthy of having our scars worshipped,

worthy of care,

worthy of happiness,

and most importantly,

worthy to be loved because we are all imperfect humans in an imperfect world.


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Read 3 comments and reply

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