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May 20, 2022

Fear OF The Fall

Photo by Prasanth Inturi on Pexels.

” The game is not about becoming somebody, it about becoming nobody”

Ram Das

When I wake early or late at night I listen to old podcasts by Ram Das. They are soothing my restless spirit and offer some comfort during the cold hard night. According to Ram Das the game is ” awakening”.  I am in the process of healing. We all are in this process even if we aren’t aware of it.

This process is a journey one in which I am learning to be gentle and kind and I hope you are too!

What I offer others I am giving to myself. When I feel like I am coming undone and frustrated I  offer that I am human having a human experience and that I can also move forward at the same time. This experience is confusing and miraculous just the same.

We are all students and teachers in this game and the awakening and healing happens on an individual and collective level. We are all wounded and we all have the ability to heal and grow.

Every moment is an exquisite gift and opportunity. We rise and fall like the tide. This fall can be physical  or egoic and often both.

I ask myself is this fall our awakening?

As the night turns to day this helps me settle and give me comfort. In the end all that matters is our surrender and I am learning to let go of what is heavy and not mine to carry.

When anxiety rises I realize that the fear that I and many others have is of the fall the ultimate surrender.

This fear maybe biological, societal and ingrained in the fabric of our being. We all experience that feeling while sleeping like we are ” falling” and science can only hypothesize. The fear of falling physically is a deep rooted human fear. We want to have it all together and be firmly rooted. In the end it is impossible to be in control all the time and if we are able to let go we can as Ram Das says dissolve and become ” nothing” which is actually everything.

To answer my own question yes, this is the fall. This is our awakening.

Thank you Ram Das

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