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May 8, 2022

Lingam Healing, A New Practice

There is a deep practice of Lingam Healing, male healing, heart healing.
It’s a practice of presence.
It’s a slow practice, it has very little movement.
It’s a practice of time, in two ways, the time it takes each time, and the time it takes for a man to relax into it, to receive it.
And then there’s the time it takes for the person doing the practice to be present for longer. Which makes it a meditation, an unlearning, a learning, an inner journey.
It’s a practice of allowing, what arises, what emerges, to be there, to stay, to flow.
To stay in that, in what’s there for as long as it’s there.
It’s a practice of holding, and in holding, in time, we let go into safety, into relaxation, into quiet.
It’s a practice that allows the chaos within many men, the conflict, to dissolve into stillness.
And it’s a practice of pleasure, sometimes subtle, sometimes intense.
It’s a practice of allowing pleasure with no performance, no goal, nothing to achieve, nowhere to go.
It’s a practice, that with time, drops us deeper, through the layers of protection, the layers of armoring, the layers of defending, to release, to openness.
To softness.
Which is confusing for many men, taught for so long to be hard.
Taught for so long that Lingam needs to be hard.
And in this hardness Lingam is so often an expression of anger, of confusion, of conquering, of taking, of emptying myself into you, of seeking a moment of release.
Lingam has often become an expression of fear, fear of the heart, fear of being seen, revealed in uncertainty, in hurt, and needing to protect by closing off more, creating distance.
And the confusion this creates in the heart’s desire for intimacy.
This is a practice of surrender.

This is a practice of possibilities for giver and receiver, and in this we offer each other both of those experiences.
There’s a dance of becoming.
The practice, in time, takes us both deeper, into ourselves, into each other.

Begin the practice opposite each other.
Look into each other, see, be seen.
Lay your partner down.
Connect with your heart.
Flow the energy of your heart to your mouth.
Put your lips on his forehead, acknowledge him.
Put your lips on his, for a moment.
Put your lips on his throat, breathe.
Put your lips on his heart, rest for a moment.
Put your lips on his belly.
Put your lips on his Lingam in acknowledgement, in love, in tenderness.
Find a position that will be comfortable for you, for the time this takes.
Put his Lingam in your mouth.
It’s not about whether he’s erect or not.
It’s not a blow-job, it’s about stillness.
It’s about the energy of your heart, your love, in this moment, in your mouth.
Holding him.
Erections will come and go.
You may move, slowly, small movements, when you feel it.
His hips, conditioned, patterned, will move, thrust, seeking sensation.
Hold him in your mouth.
The layers will part, in time.
He’ll surrender, in time.
He may ejaculate.
Hold him.
In time, there may be tears, sounds of rage.
Hold him, with presence.
In time, each time, there will be release, softening, opening.
Your mouth becomes the temple of healing, the temple of pleasure.
Hold him, in this sacred moment.
Just hold him.
In love.


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