May 16, 2022

Breaking the Taboo around Solitude (& Why Writers Regularly Need it).


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Solitude is bliss for many.

Being alone is a state of mind, a manifestation of one’s own existence. Solitude denotes a “time” and “space” where abstract ideas get processed into final words. For a writer, thoughts and ideas get refined here and become finer fragments on paper. Its value just can’t be understated.

Over time, the word “solitude” has acquired some negative connotations in our society, as it is largely considered unusual. But this wilderness opens many doors that give us a chance to fathom the world we live in.

Writers have their world full of bewilderment and scribble. A writer must first sift through different constellations to recognize their home galaxy. It’s arduous yet so alluring. To spot that very star where you belong is an odyssey in itself. Before you even begin to write on the next matter or talking point, you need time and space to ponder over it.

Solitude has become significant in today’s fast-paced world. This is the time to purge, unwind, and aim for the next step in our constellation.

Solitude is a ticket to the world of imagination. The cosmos is like a large dreamscape; this is the place where a writer has to keep coming back to over and over in order to find their cues and give words to ideas.

This “semantic selection” also requires time and space of your own. We revel in self-company because it helps us recognise our own voice out of the cacophony. Not only for a writer, but solitude is important for all of us because it restores us; it replenishes the strength lost to daily life struggles.

In fact, this pursuit of being alone (for some time not all the time) has several positive effects on the overall functioning of the human brain and body. The modern world has given us innumerable gadgets and bits of intelligence to connect with, yet none of them could ever replace this natural charger. The constant urge to stay connected leaves us drained and fatigued leading to “digital gloom.” Solitude cures it all; once you connect with the galaxy in the night sky, you start feeling powerful.

Living and making a living are two separate pursuits. To make a good living, we need to live in good spirits first, and we can find that through having regular quiet time. It can help us refuel for any future course of action, or simply to witness internal shifts in our emotional current. We all are alchemists in our ways. The only difference is that each one of us is at a different level of realising what it truly means to be one.

Being alone, even for a short time, has been tabooed. Our penchant for solitude is frequently questioned and mocked. Lovers of conventional living standards label you. This intimidation is real and felt. Explanations don’t help either. Onlookers might keep grilling you for this innocuous occupation. Here, you have to find your own tribe who also undergo similar “natural humanly blackouts.” I think these terms serve as good synonyms for solitude. It’s a cathartic feeling—soul rejuvenation occurs and vision gets clearer. It’s basically your Big Bang moment that gives life to a fresher, newer you.

Having open discussions on solitude may also help us challenge these notions. This taboo around solitude will only end once we begin to manifest and accept its benefits—on a personal and social level.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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