May 16, 2022

The Spiritual Meaning of High Cholesterol—& 3 Ways I Lowered Mine by 90 Points.


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I sat in the sterile, white doctor’s office, still able to sense the tingles from a blood pressure cuff from my intake.

Little butterflies swarmed my tummy in anticipation of the door flinging open, followed by my doctor’s reprimanding voice.

I have heard it before; it almost felt like scolding and would take me right back to seventh-grade Spanish class, where my teacher would come down on me about a bad grade. It was never an actual reprimand, more of a disappointment. But it always left me with an icky feeling. I would try so hard, study for so many hours, and still just not get the grade I hoped to receive.

This instance was the same; no matter how many cleanses I did, how clean I cooked and ate, or how many mirror workouts I completed, I knew that my bloodwork results were less than superior. My cholesterol levels were just not coming down, I figured this time would be no different, and I knew he was going to want to address it.

I heard footsteps approaching, the doorknob rattled, and all I saw was a swish of a white coat as my heart started beating faster.

Before he even closes the door, he says, “Okay young lady, first things first,” he peers down through his rectangular transparent eyeglasses. My tummy in knots, I was ready to hear the dissatisfaction in his voice.

But he caught me off guard when he continued, “I have to know what you have done for your cholesterol. Your results are astounding and almost unbelievable. If this were a test I thought you could cheat on, I would have thought you did. What did you do?”

I felt my spine shoot up, the anxiety butterflies fly away, and a big exhale out of my body as I felt a sense of relief. I was shocked. I actually did it; I lowered my cholesterol on my own. I was even more surprised to learn I not only reduced my cholesterol, but I also did it by 90 points in three months.

I was elated!

Given that I am not a cheese lover, red meat eater, egg consumer, and I exercise and take such good care of my body, I was frustrated it was even high in the first place. We don’t have this issue in my family, and I eat well to keep my cholesterol down. My usual MO is to go to the spiritual meaning of dis-ease and look at the root cause.

High cholesterol in Subtle Energy medicine can be linked to any of the following:

>> feeling mistrust

>> balance of giving and receiving

>> building and taking care of self

>> feeling sad or isolated

>> lack of family support

>> being angry with self

>> having a high degree of hostility

>> rejecting parts of self

>> excessive self-control

It’s also linked to the liver, planning, action, moving forward, toxic emotions, old anger, and issues with men.

Any of the above could apply to any of the following, which leads me to hack #1.

1. I looked at the root cause and spiritual discord my high cholesterol number whispered to me.

When my test results returned less than satisfactory, I dove deeper into old trauma. I looked at a childhood sexual abuse account to address my issue and old anger toward men. I assessed my patterns that did not serve in a significant relationship and managed the lack of support and isolation I felt.

It was also highly beneficial to review the false story I was telling myself about being an entrepreneur. It was difficult for me to trust others, and in turn, I felt like I was building my empire on my own. I had to reframe this false story, which was easy to do given that I have one of the most supportive husbands on planet earth. With the help of trauma therapy, I started opening up and sharing more, and I brought more balance into giving and receiving. While the trauma is still being worked out, it is processing and not getting stuck in my liver, which brings me to my second hack.

2. I found a cleanse that worked for me.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) at a young age, but there wasn’t enough information to fully understand what that meant. I didn’t know then but have since learned that women with PCOS are at a higher risk of developing abnormal lipid levels. According to Very Well Health, studies show that up to 70 percent of women with PCOS show elevated cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

I have long known that I do need to apply a bit extra effort to keep my body vital, so I have followed many protocols, and if there is a cleanse out there, I have likely done it. Some have been helpful, some hard, some easy, some useless. But I did find one that worked for me.

3. I found a supplement that worked for me.

It’s a product by iwi called Cholesterol. I’m not affiliated with this product, and none of this is a promotion. It is just a valid protocol that worked for me, and I want to share what helped. I was skeptical but heard good reviews and gave it a go. At first, it did help my numbers to decrease slowly, and when I added the cleanse, my cholesterol dropped at warp speed.

The combination of approaches I share clearly worked for me. I also appreciate they may not work for everyone. Dancing with cholesterol numbers is a complicated jig. It was a long journey of trying to figure it out. Months (maybe years) of being told my cholesterol was sneaking up on me and feeling shocked when it decreased so quickly.

If any of this sparks an ah-ha for you, I would appreciate the connection, and if you have found something else that has worked for your cholesterol levels, I always love to hear!


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