May 16, 2022

There’s an Important Difference Between Manifesting & Destiny.


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As I took time to prepare for my up-and-coming End of Life training programme (I have a six-month Soul Doula certification programme where I teach others how to emotionally, holistically, and spiritually support the dying), I chose to go on a spiritual reset.

This reset was in Mallorca, Spain. I sat in the wisdom of the mountains whilst cleansing in the sea. During the week, I asked the mountains to impart wisdom. I meditated whilst connecting to their beauty. And I waited, patiently.

Three days into my trip, I received the following download:

“The masculine wants to ‘conquer’ the mountains. It sees the mountains as a challenge. Something to control. Something to overcome. The Divine feminine sees the wisdom of the land within the mountains. The Divine feminine does not fear the mountain, or need to ‘conquer’ for she already knows her power carries equal respect to the land. She seeks to collaborate, respect, and tune into the sacred wisdom.”

(For context, we all have masculine and feminine energy within us. The message above was not gender specific. It was energetic in nature.)

I found this wisdom enlightening. And a reminder of the importance of inner power and wisdom. Honouring instead of always trying to conquer and overcome.

During this time, I asked the universe for some support. I felt the powerful, magical energy around me so I put my manifesting powers to the test. You see, we all have manifesting powers. On a basic level, manifesting is deciding you want something, having faith, and taking aligned action. Add in a dose of magic energy whilst connecting to source, and your manifesting abilities skyrocket.

On day four of my trip, I was meditating whilst floating in the ocean. I was completely alone and in awe of the beauty around me. I felt such gratitude for my life, for the place I was in, for the ocean, for so many things. I looked back at the mountains and asked for guidance on how I could stay in Spain (my spiritual home) for the month of August.

That evening, a friend I had not seen since we left college in 1998 messaged me. She had seen a social media post about my trip and wondered if I wanted dinner with her as she now lives not far away. Of course, I agreed with excitement. Over dinner, my friend shared she was not working in August and asked if I would like to join her to stay with her in Mallorca. She did not know about my wish earlier that day.

The following day, I was in the ocean again, and I felt that magic and asked how I could stay on the island a bit longer as I was not ready to go home. The following morning, we received notice that the island was closed off for a bike race the day we were due to go home. We were unable to access the airport for our flight without leaving five hours early and silly o’clock in the morning. So we extended our stay.

Magic exists. It really does. But what happens when life isn’t going your way and your desires are nowhere to be seen? No, most of the time it’s not because you’re a negative Nelly (although mindset is 100 percent involved in how you overcome challenging times). Sometimes, what you are asking for is either:

>> Not in alignment with your soul path

>> It’s not time yet

>> It’s not meant for you

>> Something better is on its way

>> You have received it, but it looks different from how your mind has perceived it

I have experienced a difference between manifesting and destiny.

I think it is hard to understand that until you have grasped manifesting. For me, my destiny has been mapped out. Yes, I have had free will, of course. But I have learned, when my destiny comes knocking and I tune into my intuition; if I follow the path of my destiny, my life, my healing, everything catapults. I awaken a little more, and feel even more alive and connected to all that is.

For example, I never manifested working in End of Life care. I never manifested founding a spiritual well-being business. No vision boards, meditating, or asking. Nothing. I was happy in my old life. I had no reason to “move.” But destiny came knocking; the call was too strong—and I followed it. The alignment and speed at which I create things when working connecting to my destiny is mind-blowingly fast. You simply cannot put it into words nor explain how things happen so quickly. It makes no sense.  Yet it feels more truthful than anything you have ever experienced.

Which brings me onto the Law of Attraction (LOA).  This has become a big subject in the spiritual world. When you align with gratitude for what you have and act from the heart with love for others and yourself, magic happens. With a positive mindset and taking action when required, you achieve what you want. I have experienced this my whole life until my own spiritual awakening, which taught me how much deeper this subject goes beyond “good vibes only.”

Today’s LOA is being used to manipulate many people into thinking everything that happens in life is their fault entirely (with the smack of energetic judgment thrown into the mix). It removes compassion for others; it is ableist and privileged, and it is inauthentic without any understanding of spiritual laws. Having said that, there are many things that have been misinterpreted and watered down over the years—LOA is not on its own. Look at Yoga, for example. But that’s a topic for another day.

If this resonates with you, I would love to hear your thoughts, and I would love to hear about some of the magic that has happened around you recently.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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