May 7, 2022

What Being a Mother really Means.

What’s a mother?

One word with so many interesting meanings…a mother is she who gives birth to a child, she who brings up a child who isn’t hers—with love and sweetness like they’re her own.

She who acknowledges that her children belong to the world and she lets them follow their own path, without regarding them as an extension of her own existence. She who feels like all the children in the world are her own children, without exception. She who nourishes with love each creation of hers, even if it’s a book, a business, or a project.

Being a mother means creating with love and nurturing with tenderness.

Mother’s Day was started by Anna Javis in the early 20th century. It’s celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May and according to her, its purpose is “to honor the best mother who ever lived: yours.”

The truth is that our mothers are the best mothers we could ever have. Even though she doesn’t always understand us. Even though we sometimes feel pressured by her. Even though we get irritated with her from time to time. She’s the one who brought us into the world, the one who gave us flesh and blood, the one who hosted us in her own body. Whether she is by our side or not, she opened the door for us to enter the earthly plane. Our mother is the first person we see when we come to life. She’s our first contact with love.

Are we all a fit with our mother? Yes, but not always in the way we would expect to fit in with her. The only certain thing is that we learn from her and she learns from us. I often get the question: “Have you always had a good relationship with your mom?” My answer is always the same: “The best ever possible!”

I am lucky to have a mom with whom we are worlds apart. She is an earthly being who incarnated an alien creature. She was looking at Earth and I was looking at the clouds. She was practical and I followed my inspiration. She was walking and I was flying. That’s how the first years living with my mom passed. Then, we started to learn from each other. From her, I learned how to ground myself, to put my ideas into practice, and to stand on my own, taking one step at a time.

My mom is the best mother I could have in this life because she challenges me to grow and evolve.

Thank you, Mom, for your priceless presence. You are a little just above queen.

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