May 1, 2022

“Zig-Zag” your Way to a Happier, Healthier Existence: 6 Tips for Living Life with Flair.

Sometimes I conduct little experiments when I’m out in public.

The other day, I made a mental note of how many people greeted me at work first, before I even uttered a word or even said “good morning.”

All of them said hello.

All six people, in a row, looked at me and said something first, before I opened my mouth to speak. And I figured out why that happened (when frankly, it rarely happens at all).

I looked them all right in the eyes, I smiled, and…there you have it.

That’s it. I acknowledged each person who walked toward me, maintained eye contact, and showed some teeth.

The following day, I tried the opposite experiment: I donned my face mask, wore a baseball cap, wore black, and anyone that I came into contact with kept their distance and didn’t utter a single word to me.

See what I did there? I did a zig-zag. One day, I’m offering the public my sparkling eyes and wide smile. The next day, I’m back in black and keeping things “on the down low,” which made me wonder: does how we look determine who speaks to us, pays attention to us, or acknowledges our mere presence?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

But I found that by consciously putting in the effort to “spice things up,” keep things light and lively, mix up the variables, change gears, and so on, life takes a sharp turn to more enjoyment and pure fun.

Here are six useful tips to live life with flair, always keep things interesting, and, of course, be much happier:

1. Wear a different color every day. 

Even if you think you don’t look good in pink or orange or yellow or magenta, wear it anyway. Go outside the norm of what you would typically do, or put another way, do the opposite of what you would normally choose to do.

2. If you drive a vehicle to work, figure out at least four unique routes to get there and try to change up your scenery, often.

Not only does changing your scenery work the mind, but your spirit as well. Don’t become bored on your commutes; keep alert and get to your destinations safely and joyfully.

3. Music, podcasts, audiobooks. Keep them playing every single, solitary day. Mix it up, DJ.

Create better moods and open minds instantly with any or all of these amazing sources. The more, the merrier.

4. Dance, one day. Stretch the next. Work up a sweat on this day. Rest on that day.

The idea here is you must change how you move your body, daily. Watch what happens over the course of a year, when you’ve kept yourself healthy and agile by constantly changing up the variables. Try to keep stress at bay, get your nutrients, and aim to get restful sleep. The rest will all fall into the right places at the right times.

5. Eat the rainbow.

Similar to tip number one, eating a variety of colors on your plate will translate to a fabulously functioning, fit body. Your brain will also benefit greatly from “coloring your world” with an endless amount of food varieties. Who doesn’t love a plethora of food ideas and flavor combinations?

6. If you’re an extrovert, learn how to be a little introverted (and vice versa).

As an extrovert, my preference is usually to have others around me, but I have to say, I absolutely adore being alone and I relish in the time spent by myself. I like to have a little from “column A” and a little from “column B,” if you catch my drift.

Keep things interesting by adhering to both styles of living. Neither one is good or bad, or right or wrong. The key is to keep the mind, body, and spirit enlivened, awake, aware, present.

I hope these tips gave you all some ideas on how to smash it in life.

Keep on being the amazing human being you already are!



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