June 7, 2022

7 Quick Mindfulness Exercises You can do in the Shower that will Transform Your Day.

Can you remember where your mind was during your last shower?

If you are like most people, you were running through your to-do list, lamenting yesterday, worrying about today or tomorrow, and you were anything but present.

There were times where I showered when I did not remember if I had washed my hair that day or not because I was so distracted by my thoughts. I was going through the motions while my mind was on hyper-drive. While my body might have been receiving this cleansing, my mind was not appreciating this truly sacred time and space.

Water is a healing element—it cleanses and nourishes you. A shower is a perfect time to take that time for you. Sometimes, it is the only time you will not be interrupted by anyone else. You get to choose to use the shower time as mindfulness time. The power, flow, and nourishment you will receive from this are priceless and can transform your mood and day to come.

Here are seven powerful ways to turn your shower time into mindfulness and meditation time:

1. A deep cleansing.

Tune into the water as it is rushing down your body. Intend that the water is cleansing any negative thought, emotion, or physical pain and allowing it to be washed down the drain. If you like, close your eyes and picture this. The more you sink into this, the more revitalized you will feel.

2. Gratitude for your body.

Our bodies run priceless systems for us each and every day and we rarely if ever pay attention to it—unless something begins to hurt. Take this time to be aware and call attention to your body and give thanks…for all the work your brain, lungs, heart, and other organs do throughout the day. For your limbs, your skin, and the systems such as digestive, circulatory, nervous, and others that work without you giving instructions. Place your hand or hands on your heart, close your eyes (if you feel safe doing so in the shower—no tipping over please), and direct your attention to a few different parts of your body as you give heartfelt gratitude for all the ways it shows up for you each and every day.

3. Repeat a mantra or prayer.

This can be out loud or to yourself. My favorite is the Hawaiian Prayer Ho’oponopono. Four sentences that hold so much power, and as you say them, you can imagine saying this to your soul. I Love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. It gets beyond the critical mind and allows you to connect with that deeper part of yourself that does hold unconditional love for yourself. Even a few minutes of this prayer is super powerful for switching energy around.

4. Set an intention or an emotion for the day.

Decide how you would like to feel that day—happy? Focused? Relaxed? You get to choose! Now, as you choose that emotion, close your eyes and bring to mind a time you felt that emotion before. Bring it to mind clearly. Focus on the situation that allowed for that emotion. Recall the energy of it and what it looked like, felt like, and if there were any smells or other senses involved. Sink into the moment, affirming you have felt that way before and are setting the intention that this be the emotion you are allowing in today.

5. Love and gratitude.

This can be a one-part or two-part exercise depending on what is calling to you in that moment. You may choose to bring to mind one or more people, pets, or things you are grateful for in your life. It can be as simple as a comfy bed to sleep in, the running water you are under, or a special memory you have. Bring it to mind, close your eyes (again, safely), and feel that gratitude in your heart. Feel the love and gratitude you feel, and you can even say “thank you” out loud or to yourself as you bring the thing(s) to be grateful for to your conscious mind.

The other way to do this or in addition—bring to mind something you are grateful to yourself for. This can be that you are a good friend, love to cook, have a passion for music, or anything that comes to mind. Put your hands on your heart and say “thank you” to yourself for having this quality as you feel that energy go into your heart.

6. Breathe in what you want. Exhale what you are ready to get rid of.

You can place your hands on your heart as you do this. If you are comfy, close your eyes—if not, just have them in a relaxed gaze. Choose what you are ready to bring in and what you are ready to release. Here are a few examples: breathing in love and exhaling out fear, breathing in relaxation and exhaling out stress. Breathing in abundance, exhaling out lack. Breathing in health, exhaling out dis-ease. You may choose one of these or a couple.

Truly be present and feel this emotion as you breathe whatever you are wanting more of in—to a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale out what you are ready to get rid of for a count of four, and hold for a count of four. Breathing exercises affect people differently; if they cause dizziness, you may choose to sit when you do this. Your count of four is perfect for you. You may intend for your breath to slow down during these exercises. Doing this even three times can change the whole energy of your day.

7. Self-massage.

Is there a part of your body that can use some love? Maybe your hands cramp up, or perhaps you get pain in your lower back? If there is a part of your body in pain, allow the water to touch that area and thank it for clearing away that pain and for bringing in healing. Use this time to either massage (if your hands can reach that part of you) or have the water stream onto that part of you. As it does, please say “thank you and I love you” to that body part and to the water for the healing and awareness it is bringing. Allow yourself to imagine the pain and tension releasing from that body part as you thank your body and yourself for taking this time to honor yourself.

Taking a shower is a powerful time of day. Many people will say they have no time for mindfulness or meditation. You can truly make any moment a moment for mindfulness. Experiencing a shower with the healing energy of water is often an overlooked moment of time to tune in. It is a way to bring a sacred space into your life every single moment you step underneath the stream of water.

It can become a habit and one you won’t want to give up as you will quickly see the bounce in your step and difference in your day.

I hope you use these tools to nurture yourself and fully take advantage of the power of your mind, your spirit, and the power of water. If you like, choose one of these exercises a day to do and spend a week in the shower being mindful. I guarantee you will notice a difference in how you feel and how the week went.

Sending much love your way!


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