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June 3, 2022

The Revised Human Being Rule Book: Rule #1

1. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are human beings.

Human + Being.

I think of our human-ness as what we can SEE and what we can DO.  It’s our physical bodies.  It’s what we think and what we feel and what we say.

Most humans are connected to parts of our human-ness.

We are very good at doing, doing, doing.

We are often completely identified with our thoughts.

We don’t do as well at feeling our feelings but it’s because no one taught us how.

We say lots of words but most of them are of a auto-pilot complaining nature.

Most humans tend to parts of our human-ness.  We work out and eat nutritious food to fuel our human bodies.  We spend time and money on products and services that make our physical bodies look and feel better.

We feel invested in those parts of our human-ness so we make them a priority.

Our being-ness is what we CANNOT SEE.  It’s the life force energy inside our human bodies.  It’s the observer of our thoughts.  It’s the witness to what we say.  It’s what exists after our human bodies die.  It’s what I learned in 16 years of Catholic school is our SOUL.

Most humans beings are disconnected from our being-ness.

This disconnection is the root cause of all the fear, anxiety and suffering in our current reality.

The reason for this disconnection is programming.  The power structures of the world benefit from humans feeling disconnected from their being-ness.  Take a look at the amount of fear and confusion being pumped through technology today.  It’s no wonder the world feels upside down.

The collective humanity is out of balance.  Too much human not enough being.


In this human experience both our human-ness and our being-ness need to be honored in order to be on our highest time line.  Too much human or too much being creates an imbalanced human experience which results in a less than enjoyable time on this Earth.

REMEDY = Connect to your being-ness.

Meditate. Journal. Do breath work.  Find a spiritual teacher and read their words. Walk outside in nature with nothing in your ears. Hire a life coach.  Pray.  Practice intentional living.  Get curious about what you think and what you believe.  Do the ‘inner work.”

This ONLY for YOU. You need NOT share with other humans.

This will be increasingly important as the world spins madly on.

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