June 29, 2022

How to Let Go of those People with Toxic Tendencies—For Good.


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I had a strained relationship with a family member for a long time.

It was extremely stressful for me and made me increasingly anxious. I was allowing this toxic energy to be in my life simply because we are related. I decided that being related didn’t mean I had to extend a place at my table for them. It’s up to me what is best for my general well-being, and that of my children. As much as I wish that our relationship could be different, I have much more peace in my life now that we aren’t speaking regularly.

Toxicity. We all have it—and in many different areas of our life. We have toxic energy at work. We have family members with toxic tendencies. We have friends who are not good for our souls. What do we do? How do we handle all this toxic behavior?

I’ll tell you what we do. We cut it out. We cut it right out of our lives. If you want to have a peaceful, fulfilling, and happy life, people with toxic tendencies need to be banished. Forever.

Sure, I know what you’re all thinking. “How can I cut out ___? They’re family.” Easy. You just do it.

Someone’s blood relation to you isn’t an excuse for them to taint your life with negativity. There are no rules when it comes to deciding who your family is. It’s entirely up to you who you allow to have access to your life. Pick and choose cautiously who you let reside in your circle.

The people I allow in my life play a big role. They are there when I need them, for any number of reasons, unconditionally. These relationships, both professional and personal, add extreme value to my life and to me as a person. Without these people, my life would be blue and unfulfilling.

At the end of my life, I want to think back on all the happy memories I shared with my favorite people. I don’t want to say to myself, “I wish things had been different,” or “I wish we had gotten along better.” I want to remember that, all along, it was my choice who I allowed into my world—a world that has been carefully built to add the most value and peace to my life.

This world is all I have and I love it. I don’t wish to be anywhere else.


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