June 15, 2022

My Interracial Marriage Taught me This about Love.

June 12th is Loving Day. Have you heard of this monumental day?

Loving Day is an annual celebration of a historical decision made on June 12, 1967. The United States Supreme Court shut down all anti-miscegenation laws that remained in 16 states. Simply put, there would be no more laws stating that mixed-race couples could not marry.

This historical moment happened all because of Mildred and Richard Loving, a mixed-race couple who got married and later arrested because of their union. They brought it to the court and changed history forever. I am eternally grateful to them.

Without them, I don’t know if I would have been able to marry the love of my life. I myself am in an interracial marriage. I’m white, and my husband is from India. It saddens me that at one point in time our love would have been illegal. I can’t imagine my life without him.

See, when I first set out to manifest soul-mate-level love, I told the universe that I was open to anyone. As long as my partner matched the values I desired, it did not matter to me what the color of their skin was. It didn’t matter where they were from or what their culture was. Even the idea of someone from a different culture excited me!

Once I made this declaration, I had no idea what I was in for. The magic that would unfold from that decision was nothing short of amazing. I met a man who didn’t look like anyone I had ever dated before. But after talking for four hours on our first date, I knew something was there. I was willing to see where it would go because I made a vow to be open to anything.

We quickly fell in love and soon realized that we found that soul-mate-love we were both craving. It didn’t matter that we were from different cultures or had opposite shades of skin. In fact, these things excited us. We both opened each other up to new worlds, and our lives continue to expand for the better to this day.

This is exactly how manifesting true love works. You put out into the world what you’re looking for while being open to the options that are presented to you. This is exactly the process I take my clients through. The more open you are, the more magic you experience. That is the beauty of life.

So in honor of Loving Day, I am here sharing the five powerful love lessons that my interracial marriage has taught me. Whether you are in one or not, these lessons apply to all humans.

My hope is that more people see the magic in worlds colliding and that love knows no bounds.

1. All humans desire the same thing.

At the end of the day, all humans desire the same thing. See, we are all made of the same energy. The same energy that has created the sun, the moon, and the stars. The same energy that has moved mountains and formed rivers. We are all made of magic, and we all desire the same thing. We all desire to be loved. Isn’t that the point of life?

When I first met my husband, I learned this fact early on. Even though our upbringing looked completely different, we still connected on a soul level. We were each on a journey to meet that special person, and our paths eventually crossed. The stars aligned to bring us together. The minute I opened myself up to any path toward the love I craved, life found a way to make it happen.

2. Love knows no color.

Love knows no color, period. Love originates and grows in the soul, not on the surface. So it’s impossible that love can only happen between two people of the same color. It makes me so happy to see so many mixed couples nowadays—that we can all relish in the freedom to love who we choose. But it also saddens me to think of all couples from the past who did not get this same freedom.

I hope that all the interracial couples today are making up for the past hate and secrecy—that the love from these couples is expanding and uplifting the entire human race. Love does not solely exist in people who look the same. If you’re looking for love, I urge you to expand the type of people you are dating. You never know who you can meet.

3. You were meant to expand your life.

The fact that my husband is from a different culture is one of the most exciting aspects of our relationship. My world has completely opened and changed for the better. I am incredibly lucky that I get a firsthand experience of the Indian culture. The food, the music, the movies, the colors, the traditions, the history; it all amazes me. I am learning something new every day, and this has taught me such an important lesson about life.

We are all meant to expand our lives. Life is too short not to. When you stay in your comfort zone, you are missing out on the magic that lies just outside of it. If more people were willing to learn about a culture different than their own, the world would be a better place. So let’s celebrate all the couples who are bringing two worlds together and spreading love for us all.

4. Soul mates do exist.

When me and my husband were falling in love, I realized that soul mates do exist—that my dream of finding true love wasn’t just a farfetched idea. It was something that I desired and deserved to feel, that all humans do. This is the reason I am so passionate about helping other women find the love they crave. Because my own journey taught me just how possible it is for all of us.

If it can happen for me, it can happen for you too. Soul mates do exist. Your person is out there. Keep searching and open your mind to all possibilities, and I promise that you will be successful.

5. Marriage should be a source of happiness—not stress.

Even though my husband and I run into the occasional cultural difference, we still both hold true to one fact: our relationship is priority, and we make sure to focus on the love we have for each other. We talk through issues as they come up instead of letting them ruminate. We support each other and want to see the other succeed.

Our marriage gets better every day, even through the hard times. I mean, if getting married in a hospital wasn’t enough to break us, then we can survive anything. This is why I hate to hear people say that marriage is hard or that marriage will compromise your happiness. That is simply not true if you don’t want it to be.

The point of marriage is to form a union with someone who you desire to build a life with. Someone whom you can’t wait to tell about your day. The first person you text when you get exciting news. And the person who is right there supporting you when the unexpected happens. This is the exact person who my husband and I are for each other. We may have come from two different worlds, but the love we have is what will bond us forever.

Whether you are in an interracial marriage or not, Loving Day still holds important lessons: all humans deserve to love and be loved. And that love comes from a place deep inside all humans where skin color does not matter. I’m so glad I decided to open myself up to all possibilities of finding love. My life completely changed for the better.

Now I’d love to hear from you! If you’re in an interracial couple, what lessons have you learned?

And if you’re looking for love, I urge you to expand your reach and meet people from all walks of life. You just may find that soul mate you desire.



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