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June 7, 2022

A Poem for when we are Overcome with Loss & Grief.


Writing and reading poetry is some the of best medicine for healing I have found.

I truly believe that writing saved my life. The balm comes not just from the words but the spirit that is carried through a poem. When I read others poetry, I feel the whole of it. I let it wash on me. Each verse or word contains a spark that opens the door to deeper connection and awareness. I come to know the writer and the world through a lens I may not have seen before.

When I write poetry, it helps me understand my experiences in the context of the big picture of life. It allows me to heal and nourish my wounded parts as their voice finds a space to open and release. There are only so many tears I can release, and they are somewhat fleeting, but a poem captures the moment of sorrow.

And it holds the insight gained from the journey.

I find that poetry can soothe our pain. As I’ve moved through various periods of loss and grief in my life, I always come back to poetry as a healer and comforter. In these times, I find my own my words flow strongly. It’s as if the lines between spirit and matter are closer. I come to know the unseen as I connect with lost loved ones. Pain being a muse is something that many writers and artists know. As the great Sufi poet Rumi reminds us, there’s no such thing as separation.

This poem was written shortly after a dear friend passed away in 2014. He was an incredible artist and visionary who inspired me to create and move out of the shadows into the light.

As we gathered to celebrate his life, I felt his presence so strongly and these words flowed…

The Path Home

Looking over the mountains

Snow-kissed tops

Point to heaven above

I stand

By the side

My loves—teary-eyed, mourning

Invisible to their eyes

Ready to leave this world

And yet, not wanting to go

Have I finished what I came to do?

Have I loved with all of my heart?

Have I celebrated every blessing?

Mourned every loss?

And now, my own

When the trumpets

Of the angels play our song

When the pull

Of spirit transcends all

It’s time to surrender

Our will to the One

I’ve been told

The path home is

Over the trees

Through misty waterfalls

And beyond mountaintops

I let my soul flow


With the majesty of this world


I am guided back to my source

I celebrate

my life, my loves and my journey

Toward the One.

This poem was previously published in Verses From The Heart: An Anthology Of Stories & Poems, compiled by Anna Renault, 2014.


How has reading and writing poetry supported you in your journey of grief and healing?

Do you have a favorite poem you come back to again and again? Is there one you’ve written you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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Read 14 comments and reply

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