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June 18, 2022

Remember you must die

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you have gone the other direction? Will you be either happier or will you end up in the abyss of total despair?

With my overthinking talent worthy of a Simon Cowell “YES!” I sometimes end up with the best decisions 95% of the time. But as for the rest, I think I could have done so much better.

You should do the right things in life. Memento Mori or horrifically, “Remember you must die!” If you do not know much then you shall translate this as Life is short. In this thought, we should do the most exciting mistakes you could ever get to do. Why? Because you’re dying remember?

It is the opposite, however. You should be thinking in terms of making decisions in the thought that you are dying. It helps you with deciding no matter what, no matter where, and no matter what emotions tell you to hold on to Jack, you should let go. Even if that floating door has space enough for the both of you.

If you are thinking of robbing that bank in order to go on a fabulous trip to Positano. You must not! A dying person should not be doing heinous crimes in the light of day. What would your family say? Do not rob a bank and get caught. What would the Professor say?

If you decide to seek revenge on someone who has wronged you. Let’s say he has made your life a living hell. You planned to ruin his life in any way possible with all the ingredients ripe in Euphoria. Please do not, Remember you must die! Imagine, the look on all the angel’s faces if they see you knocking on the gates of heaven.

What is the point in this rambling? I am advising you that whatever it is you’re deciding on now. Think very carefully. Fast forward the circumstances and you know that you can make the right decision.

These decisions may be correct, may be universally accepted but it does not mean that they won’t sting a little. It would not mean that you will never ever wonder “What if?” It will not mean that you are perfect.

It will mean that you chose the right path. Sometimes, the right path breaks you a little. During that path, there’s just so much sadness. But maybe the path you took will bring you the most peace.

Choosing that door? Just remember to live before you remember to die.

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