June 9, 2022

Sagittarius Super Full Moon: Blazing the Trail Forward after Rebirth. {June 14}

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


Many of us have been going through or have undergone a deep rebirthing, a moment in time of massive integration, change, transformation, and alchemy of pain into medicine over these last few months, maybe longer.

Over the course of this last month, with Mercury having been in retrograde motion, a slowing down happened, time where we could look over and reexamine the growth we’ve undergone in relationship to self and other and how our mode and means of communication with others has also been upgraded or tweaked due to the inner growth and incubation period of death/rebirth cycles.

We have grown so much and so profoundly in these last six months, and this feeling has been especially amplified with the eclipse energy we just moved through.

Eclipse season brought a lot of turmoil, intensity, upheaval, and change, bringing things up to the surface that needed to be seen, felt, and witnessed. Was it comfortable or easy? Absolutely not. But, we made it through even if we didn’t think we could possibly bear the pain or intensity of it all at times.

Let’s for one moment just give ourselves a huge pat on the back, a warm acknowledgment, a kind enveloping hug and words of recognition for the strength and courage we had to muster yet again to grow through what we were going through. These times were certainly not made for the faint of heart or spirit. And, even when we doubt that in ourselves, each time we make it through the storm, we grow a little bit stronger in our trust for the self to endure life’s and death’s edges of growth.

The sun has been in the air sign of Gemini since May 21. We have all been given a much needed dose of lightness, or rather an opportunity to expand back into levity from the heavy weight of karmic unwinding we have been undergoing. The Gemini new moon on May 30 gave us a bit of a fresh start, or at the least an energetic reminder that everything that has felt heavy, and like we were trudging through mud, can now begin a period of restart, beginning again, a chance to bring our newer selves back out into the world to be seen—the self we have been forging in the fires of great angst, pain, collapse of former selves, and deep transmutation of who and what we thought we were.

Gemini energy, coupled with the Mercury retrograde in the sign of its ruler, Gemini, has been a lot of quick moving energy, mental energy, mind activity, and mind stirrings. For many of us more prone to living in our minds, it could have revved the engine up so high some days we collapsed in exhaustion from thinking so damn much about everything. The mind, after all, needs a rest too. We can’t expect it to run 24/7, all hours of the day and night and for our energy to not feel depleted.

Mercury has moved out of retrograde and into its post shadow period, which may still be having its influence over our communication and means of connecting with others, but any mishaps, confusion, or lapses in communication as well as the energy being ripe for review and reflection will be lessening by the time it exits the shadow period a few days after the full moon on June 14.

This strawberry, super full moon will be landing on June 14 at 7:52 a.m. EST at 23 degrees of the fire sign, Sagittarius, the visionary. This full moon is giving us a fiery dose of medicine to get our inspiration and excitement back up if we’ve lost it throughout eclipse season. There is a plentitude of fire energy in the skies, tagging up with this full moon, too. Chiron having been in Aries since 2018 will remain, still dosing us with the energy of fostering deeper courage in the self, by first traversing our wounds in relation to self and our independence. Chiron in Aries has been showing us the wounds to heal, while also showing us the doorway to deeper healing.

Mars is also in the sign of Aries now, its home ruling sign. Mars feels at home in this energy, ready to take inspired action forward. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, has also moved into Aries over the course of this year. Jupiter in Aries is a fresh start, a chance to begin anew, invigorated from the journey through the energy of Chiron and our wounding of the self, to step out and expand this newfound sense of self, stronger, bolder, more courageous than before. Of course, with all things, there is a shadow energy at play. Jupiter will not only expand the “good” but the shadow sides as well. Aries is the warrior, so we can perhaps anticipate shadow energy around warrior (war and aggression) archetypal energy coming out to play as well on the collective stage. Expansion doesn’t negate shadow, and shadow energy is absolutely afoot these days.

So, with Sagittarius energy ruling this full moon, the deep invitation it asks of us is to go higher, reach higher, think broader, see the bigger picture unfolding, get out of the limited scope of the mind, see beyond the rational mind even if there still might be confusion as to where exactly this journey is taking us. Sagittarius energy is the adventurer, the explorer, the freedom seeker, the traveler, the seer of future visions based on inspired action and truth. And truth is what we all have been digging deep for in ourselves, excavating the closets of self-betrayal, self-negligence, hiding the truth from our very selves for fear of what it might mean about changing our present life circumstance.

Truth is only scary to the degree to which we are afraid to take action. Where there is fear, there is potent opportunity for courage and bravery in the face of fear. Turning toward our fears with our truth sword in hand, and speaking the words, we can take the action steps toward our vision and heart-inspired action. It doesn’t negate the fear, but it does declare loudly to it, “You shall not have your power over me to make these next best choices for myself.”

We have all been sifting through the details of the mind. Searching endlessly in the mind for answers that can only be found in the heart. The mind can give us an inkling as to where our attention has been going, where we have been feeding our bodies and nervous systems with fear or with more harmonious energies.

Oftentimes, the mind is a rabbit hole of worries, should haves, what-ifs, whens, hows, prepare, prepare, prepare for any and all disasters to come. The mind seeks safety and survival first and foremost—and will always be on an endless goose chase for the illusive and delusive state of safety. Because true safety can never be found in conditions external, only made safe by harmonizing the energies within, that is where our power always lies. And can often feel the most elusive seeming. Harmony ebbs and flows after all. Like a rising of the tide from the ocean. Peaks and valleys. Moments of fleeting but welcomed peace followed by moments of higher activation. Never externally driven, but internally sourced, only activated by external circumstance.

This super full moon is inviting us all to expand our worldview, our belief systems, our minds back into the seeing and knowing of the Higher Mind. To be more mindful of what we are going for now, with this newer sense of self so that what we are going after reflects the new self, and not in repetition of the former, past self. Carving new neural pathways and grooves to get to a more expanded, self-created, and conscious manifestation of our next creation. It is in doing so that we honor the deaths of the past selves, never having died in vain but rebirthed into new form.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius energy invites us deeper into the expansive mind, to see what’s possible now from a bigger vantage point. To remove the clutter in our own minds and get clear on the future vision. Even if just from the inspired, knowing, sensing heart space. We don’t have to know all the details or how it’s all going to look, we just have to have the courage to dream bigger, reach within the crevasses of the heart space, and beg the questions: “What more life awaits me?” “What more of life wants to be expressed through me as me now?”

We can feel and sense that some part of our lives is in need of a reboot, a freshening up, an upgrade, a leveling up to match our current energy and vibration now after all the healing we’ve gone through.

Saturn is here to help us with just that as it has recently stationed retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and will remain here until October 23. Saturn governs the 3D world, karma, responsibility, structures, foundation, restriction, and limitation. Saturn is the tough father who wants us to level up. To reexamine our foundations and structures of our lives and ask if they are working for us still. To rework any faulty foundations that won’t sustain us moving forward.

These next four months will allow us time and space to clear out old residual karma, take more responsibility for our lives and creations, and step up to the plate of our own evolution.

Neptune is in Pisces now, since April 20, and will be here for the next 14 years, as Neptune is a much slower moving planet. For the next 14 years, we will be collectively and personally moving through energies of spiritual progress and evolution, a deeper dive into all things spiritual and holding deeper meaning and purpose as to why we are doing what we are doing now.

Neptune energy can create cloudiness and confusion though, so we may not always feel super clear as to what’s unfolding next. But, this energy of Pisces requires and gives us ample dose and support of trust—trust in the cosmos, in God/Universe/Spirit/what have you, to guide us now. That this is the only assured and stable pillar to lean upon now, in this ever-changing, mutable physical reality. It’s the energy needed to reinvigorate our beliefs in ourselves as divine, as spiritually sourced and resourced. So, even if we feel unclear in the physical realm, may we trust and know the clarity piercing through the veil from the spiritual realm, urging us to keep going, to lean into our spiritual wells, into what feeds us spiritually, and to know that that nourishment is the necessary sustenance to keep us going as things continue to crumble and be recreated in this world. Trust, and trust some more, says Neptune in Pisces. Beyond the seen, into the vast realms of the unseen.

With this Sagittarius full moon, we are being urged to blaze the trail forward, as we are still being or have recently been rebirthed. It’s okay to not know what the end result is going to be. But we need to stop thinking from the limited, outdated belief systems we’ve held onto for a false sense of safety. Our only true safety is in knowing the impermanence of all and the ever-permeating existence of the soul. Though it changes form, the source carries on. And, so too, do we carry on.

Let this full moon bathe you in permission to grow beyond current circumstance. To expand beyond the mind. To be the adventurer of your own life and quest. To seek the explorer’s mind and welcome curiosity to lead the way into new experience. To know that multiple energies and belief systems can coexist without the need to overpower or out “right” the other—because there is never ever one truth but many existing alongside each other. Your truth is your truth, and my truth my own. That’s the beauty of this human existence. The expression of the divine is vast enough to exist in all truths, all religions, all spiritual dogma, all forms. And we are a part of that vastness. So why limit the self? Why limit what we can and cannot go after?

Expand the mind; expand the heart. Expand the heart; expand the mind. Ever reaching for expansiveness of the soul, ever eternal and permeating through all things. So keep opening. Keep trusting. Start trusting. You’ve made it this far and you didn’t go through hell for nothing. You didn’t traverse the edges of death for no reason. Let yourself have the damn adventure. Let yourself have fun. Create. Play. Dream. Travel. Wonder. Wander. Explore the ever-expanding realms of consciousness.

Harness the Sagittarius energy and stoke the fire within. It’s always the right time to take inspired action because no matter what or how it comes to be or not be, the inspiration was the needed life coming through, to be lived and witnessed as life and creation herself.

Let yourself have this next creation. Let yourself have it because it is living through you. In you. As you. Blaze the trail forward of your next heart-inspired action. And let it be as grand or subtle as it needs to be to be true. To be authentically you. Let yourself have that.

Can you let yourself have that? Can you let more life be lived through you?

I dare you.


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