June 6, 2022

Secrets of a Broken Heart.

a broken heart sings
thunder rolls in the distance
echos of disappointment sting
softening the harsh words i said.

curled pages peel back—
what i thought would be, but wasn’t
what i thought might bloom, but didn’t.
the times i changed my mind
the ways i wasn’t real
the truth that i still don’t know what i want from love.
i feel quite lost.

at least that’s honest.

in honesty,
a fresh kindness rushes in
a sweet breeze rustles through the trees
shaking leaves, shaking out the old dust and fear
the heat lets up.

i’m so tired of these patterns
that hurt and destroy.

in clear, uncomplicated honesty
i befriend the dark teeth of my edges
the pain that never healed, the scars we all carry
the insecurity, the strength, the passion
it’s all there.

to embrace our imperfect, shining hearts
the work of a lifetime
to lean gently into what hurts
instead of looking away.

stop fighting
for one second

running away doesn’t work
god, i wish it did
in all the restlessness and yearning
there is a rare jewel—

stay still for a moment
perfectly still.
let spaciousness breathe into you.

let heartbreak pierce you
through and through
let it wash you of the bitterness
let it soften you
let it show you
what’s real, warm, beautiful, strong, and imperfect
in your heart.

let it lead you to the simple arms of truth.

to the “i don’t know,” the tears, the wonder, the gut-wrenching uncertainty, the “i’m not ready yet”
all so tender
so much closer to how we ought to live.

a broken heart will not break us
it will break down arrogance and subtle dishonesty
it will burn away the bullsh*t
leaving you
with your imperfect, beautiful heart.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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