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June 25, 2022

The Day After Hangover Apology and Cure to Move Us Forward

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I woke up with an anger hangover this morning and as it usually goes with hangovers, regretting my actions and my words from the day before.

I want to offer a genuine, heartfelt apology if any of my actions or words made anyone uncomfortable.

I learned a long time ago that most negative emotions are fear based. And I can admit now that I am very afraid. Not for myself. I am a privileged white woman way past the childbearing age and none of the current events effect me directly. In recognizing my privilege, though, I own the responsibility of using my privilege to do whatever I can to ensure that this world is an equitable place for all.

A common response to fear is to go into fight or flight mode. Yesterday I chose the fight mode. It is not in my nature to ever choose flight so today I need to focus on the things I can do to use my emotions in a way that will reflect more of who I am, my core values, and that will create actions that are actually of benefit.

If you are familiar with hangovers, you are probably also familiar with the phrase “hair of the dog” which is basically indulging in a little of what caused the hangover in order to lesson the pain. I want to take that residual anger from yesterday, overcome the fear that is wanting me to just ignore it all and go live in a cave, and focus it all on actions I can take to help those that truly are affected by this week’s Supreme Court’s decisions.

The anger is still there. The fear is definitely still there but those emotions are powerful motivators.

There are things we can do.

We can vote, make sure that all are registered to vote and make it possible for everyone to get their vote out and counted.

We can give our money to organizations and candidates that support a woman’s right to make her own choices and educate people on sensible gun laws.

We can directly assist women in getting them the heath care they need by providing them with the means, the transportation and any other support they require to make sure they have access to this care.

We can give our time and stay vigilant and continue to show up even after the news cycle moves on to the next crisis.

We can find ways to work together instead of turning on each other, because that is what the ones using their power to take away our freedoms are counting on us doing. We all have a stake in this and we need to respect each other’s individual ways of working towards our common goals.

I promise to temper my anger with compassion, my fear with love and use all of these emotions to find a way to do good and be of service so that we all can experience the American dream of true freedom and equality.

And if you are wondering what my hangover cure is- I think a day at the pool with my precious grandsons, listening to their laughter and sharing their joy in just being alive should do the trick.

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