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June 11, 2022

The Revised Human Being Rule Book: Rule #3

3. Our entire human experience is made up of what we make things mean.

From the moment we are conceived, we are exposed to our environment. As we grow in our mother’s womb, we are exposed to that environment.  Was your mother peaceful when you were growing inside her.  How did she take care of her body?

Then we are born into our family unit where all the ancestral and karmic thoughts and belief systems are handed to us.  We learn from the humans around us what things mean.  We may have father who values athleticism or good grades.  We may have a mother who caters to everyone around her and ignores herself.  We have siblings and friends who shape our experience of our environment.

We enter the school system and are told what is valuable and what is not valuable according their standards.  We participate in an organized religion that tells us we are bad until God forgives our sins.

The combination of thoughts and belief systems that are handed to us are vast and nuanced and ultimately NOT TRUE.

We get to decide what things mean to us.  This is called sovereignty.

Deciding what things mean to us requires AWARENESS.

For example, I have decided that I am a spiritual being having a human experience (rule #1).  Can I prove this to you?  No.

Do I have physical evidence to support this?  No.

Does that lessen my belief?  No.

Humans beings are programmed to believe that things mean a certain thing.  This programming does not serve us.

Take the time to notice what you make things mean.

Ask yourself if what you make it mean serves you?

If it doesn’t serve you, notice if you can make it mean something else that does serve you.

Often this will mean allowing what is even when it is uncomfortable.

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