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June 20, 2022

The Revised Human Being Rule Book: Rule #5

In order for something to exist, the opposite must also exist (aka duality).

This human experience ‘happens’ in a dimension that includes DUALITY.  Most humans have been programmed to believe that things are “good” and “bad.”   We move through our life experience labeling people, places and things as good or bad.

By doing this, we create a reality that either FEELS good or bad.  Then, as a result of no one teaching us how to identity or feel our feelings, we walk around ignoring or numbing the BAD feeling feelings which keeps humans stuck in endless patterns and cycles.

We tell ourselves a story that if we FEEL BAD something has gone WRONG.

NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG.  This human experience is ALL THE THINGS.  It’s the joy and wonder at new life and the grief and sadness when life becomes death.  Neither is good nor bad.  Birth and death just are in this human experience.

We can only know the joy of new life because we know the grief and sadness of death.  Death feels different than birth but BOTH are required in this human experience.

Just because it doesn’t feel good, does not mean that something has gone wrong.  It just is.  Allow it.  Notice it.

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