June 17, 2022

We Are All More Similar than We Are Led to Believe.


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We are all more similar than we are led to believe

We all want love, safety, and validation.

When we focus on our differences, it divides us

Causing fear, anxiety, and isolation.

The fact is us being different is our greatest gift

Our contrast makes us all unique.

Every one of us has much to offer the world

All of us as intricate as a priceless antique.

We have all been here before

We can connect to that much wider view

When we stop being about me-me-me

And start knowing there’s no me without you.

There is a much more vast and loving us

We find it by going within and quieting the mind.

Turn off distractions, get out in nature, stop numbing

Being amazed by the hidden jewels we can find.

Those jewels remind us of the unconditional love within.

The beauty reflects back in every crystalline facet

We don’t need to judge, prove ourselves, or struggle for worth

Our beauty and love is tangible and tacit.

Ram Das said, “We are all walking each other home”

This is such an important quote to comprehend.

Before we do that, we need to walk ourselves back to our souls

That is where our wounds and cracks can mend.

In healing and working on ourselves

We heal and improve the world outside

It might feel scary, but it grants freedom

It is safe for you to shine, not hide.

We all have past trauma and have had times

The world has seemed downright cruel.

But isn’t that a reason to come together as one

And let love, peace, and compassion rule?

It’s not all about digging up our ghosts from the past

On this journey, it is easy to get stuck there

It is about living our passions and joy

Which proves we do actually love it here!

Each day, we get a brand new start

To try and do the best we can right now

In reminding ourselves to love ourselves and others

The world becomes a kinder place by us taking that vow!


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Read 2 comments and reply

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