July 1, 2022

Advice from our Elders on how to deal with Crazy-Scary-Awful, No-Good, Very-Bad Times.

When today is stressful, when these times are scary, look to the past and learn from our elders.

They too lived through dangerous times.

Fighting climate change may be hopeless, but I wake up in the morning and try to help all I can. [paraphrasing Yvon Chouinard]

When the world is pushing you down, and left, and right—steady on. [paraphrasing Gary Snyder]

When your rights are being taken away, when you’re being stuffed against your will into a surveillance state and out of a democracy, first take care of your state of mind and heart. Then, communicate and crowdsource with loved ones. Then, take bold action to stand and fight (helping others, peacefully) or, if necessary, flee to safety. [me]

Breathe deeply into the stress, and get outside into nature for a walk. Alone, or with friends.

​More, here: these salves are for Everyday Depression, but they apply here, too.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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