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July 20, 2022

Beyond Orgasm, The Possibility

Rest your heart against mine, my love

Rest in the quiet

Rest in the stillness

Rest in the softness of our breath

The tide of life that flows in and out of our bodies

Rest in the awareness of the moment

Rest in the gentle pulsation

Of your heart against mine

For this heart softly beating

Is the heart of life

Is the heart of love

There are so many ways for us to make love.

Not that we really make love anyway, for love is there always, waiting for us to reveal itself to us.

And when we hear the phrase ‘making love’, we generally think about sex.

But can our sex be so open that it opens us to love. Can our bodies, our hearts, our eyes, our mouths be so open, that love steps forward from the place deep inside of us where she sits to fill us with her pulsation. Can our sex be the portal that opens us to the love that bathes us as we rest together. Can our sex open us.

Can we come together, not to make love, but to allow love.

Can the union of our bodies, you welcoming me, drawing me in to you, me opening you, be the way that we call to love.

Can our dance, passionate, hard, fast, slow, deep, tender, fiery, be the way we invite love, the way we call to her.

Can our touch, our caress, our kiss, be the touch infused with love.

Can our orgasm, the moment we disappear into sensation, into the essence of being, be the dissolution of the body to the quivering of love.

So many of us have sex for the end of sex, for the orgasm, and what if the orgasm was the opening to love.

We talk about the afterglow, I’ve never seen it as the light of love before, the glow that lights us from within, that fills our cells, our hearts, our eyes, so that we glow with love.

For our pleasure, our sex, our bodies, our magical, mysterious Yoni and Lingam, our union is a portal, to love. When we see that it’s not about the end. What we think of as the end is the opening.

When we can stay connected.

When we can stay in each other’s eyes.

When we can stay in our breath.

When we can stay in our touch, melted in intimate union.

When we can stay in awareness.

When we can stay in, with, surrounded by, love.

For so long I’ve spoken about the wisdom of the body. More and more I see it, feel it, sense it, know it. In movement, in touch, in breath, in sound.

More and more I see how, when we drop through the layers of thought, through the layers of feeling, to the layers of being, this wisdom arises from a place deep within us, so deep it seems impossible to fathom where this deep place is. And more I see that what we perceive the body to be is more than we can think. Our skin is not the boundary of our being. We are more. And within us, depths, unfathomable, for us to explore and discover. Beyond words. Simply, the knowing of the body.

And pleasure is one of the ways in, one of the lights that show us the path, one of the ways for us to go into the darkness, where we find more and yet more of who we are.

More of where love waits for us.

Thank you, my love, for opening my heart to this moment of possibility.

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