July 2, 2022

Cancel Culture is Ruining all our Relationships.

It is seeping slowly into our lives and thus our relationships.

Killing our ability to grow and connect.

What is this “thing” crashing our relationships?
Cancel culture.

Now, this in truth is not a new concept, and it’s seen throughout our histories. When society starts deeming things and people not fit to be a part.

This creates a groupthink dynamic, and people always get hurt.
Let’s remember the Holocaust,
or Japanese Internment Camps.
And other atrocities of groupthink and cancelling people and ideas.

But this isn’t just something happening “out there.” No!
We have brought the cancel culture into our homes and relationships. It has seeped in without many even realizing it has happened, and it’s a sneaky, little devil.

Add the recent health issues we’ve been having worldwide and we have some massive, relational issues that need unwinding.

Relationships are being cancelled here, there, and everywhere.

Many aren’t even giving relationships half a chance because they are unwilling to open up to another’s viewpoints outside of their own. Many have built this thin skin that if someone presents a different viewpoint then they immediately cut off that other person—emotionally, energetically, or physically.

We cut people off without wanting or desiring to hear their perspectives on the relationship, the dynamics of something that happened, or overall viewpoint of the world. We assume our little box knows best.

And the sad thing is that many in this cancel culture of relationships can find support in groupthink. Talking to others about the relationship instead of speaking to the actual person the relationship involves.

When we gather with one or more people and start talking about that other person or taking on others’ perspectives of that person, we often create a mass energy that leads to canceling and unwillingness to hear opposing viewpoints.

Groupthink (even if just with one other person) creates a massive barrier to alternative views because it sets in our egos.

There is also much talk in today’s world of doing things that are aligned or being selfish. This has become a major way we use to hide behind cancel culture in relationships.

Being soul-aligned is a beautiful thing, and the way to find true happiness and abundance in life and in order for us to be our soul-aligned, “best selves,” we must take care of self.

That being said, and if you are constantly cancelling people in your life to protect your “peace,” then your peace wasn’t stable in the first place. If others can so easily knock you off your energy, then the work is with you and not with that other person.

They get ostracized. They get cancelled. They are never seen or heard. They have to deal with the fallout.

And in this process, we do more harm to ourselves than anyone!

We stop opening our minds and touching in with other people.
We miss the lessons that are truly our blessings.
We shut ourselves down to feeling another human being unless they only think our thoughts.

All relationships have friction, and that friction is a space that allows for growth. If every time friction happens you cancel, then the growth leaves as well.

We want deep, meaningful relationships, and our society is hungry for this level of connection. Whether we are dating, married, or single, we all want a level of connection with our fellow man. Yet, we cut people off and/or retract at the slightest of a ruffle in our feather.

This is a straight, forward message to another that…
they don’t matter—ideas, perspectives, viewpoints, life experiences, feelings, and in truth, identity.

Now, it’s that other person’s responsibility to not take that shiz on, but that is still the message we send when we press cancel.

And sometimes, people aren’t meant to be in our lives and really are negative for our well-being. Yet, we must do soul searching to always be checking if we are instead simply trying to block our growth and expansion into other perspectives.

Wondering if you have let this slip into your relationships—intimate and non-intimate? Should you cancel a relationship?

Here are a few things to ask yourself:

>> Is your viewpoint on another based upon others’ opinions and perspectives of that other person? And are you only listening to the groupthink that matches your ego programs about that other?

>> Are you asking and inquiring with that other person from a space of curiosity or are you trying to use their words to validate your perception? Did I really hear their side?

>> Have you set boundaries with yourself? Was this person aware of my boundaries by me sharing verbally and truly let that person understand? Or am I assuming they “should know”?

>> Am I just reacting this way because of past trauma or unhealed wounds? If the wound was created by this other person, are they truly aware?

>> Am I just running from self and doing my own inner healing and work and expanding my mind?

We all must look within and find that space of truth. It may be easier to cancel someone to deal, but you are cancelling your own opportunity to open yourself up to all the good in this world.

Check yourself.

Grab the fire within!


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Read 5 comments and reply

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