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July 23, 2022

Conscious Touch, Limitless Possibility

I was looking through some pictures from various massage shoots I’ve done over the years, we’ve used one here for this piece.

It took me on an inner journey of memory, and as some new ideas are saying, only about half our memories are true, then it’s a great story as well.

My journey started with massage, a very general course of something that was called Swedish Massage.

This expanded into sports and therapeutic massage, Shiatsu, Stress Massage.

And then a turn into energy, sensuality, sexuality, eroticism, spirituality.

This was, and still is, expressed in Taoist Sexual Energy Massage, Kashmiri Massage, Tantra Massage, Conscious Sensual Energy Massage, Yoni Massage, Lingam Massage, Breast Massage, Water Flow Massage, Perineal Massage, Anal Massage, Sensual Bondage Massage, Massage Dance and more.

I’ve spent over 25 years learning, exploring and more than ever, developing and expanding these experiences.

When I began working in the world of Conscious Sexuality I was very fortunate to be involved in an adult fantasy club, which allowed me to do so much massage, so many bodies, men and women, which became an amazing learning and exploring space.

Some of the pictures I was looking at were with 2 people massaging one, 3 people massaging 1, 1 person massaging 2, 2 people massaging 3, group massage…

There are just endless possibilities.

And over time I’ve seen how limited the word Massage is, mostly because of the perception we generally have of it, and also it’s the word we have.

When we talk about massage as a spiritual experience, as worship of the body, we need to move into a different understanding, to expand what we think it is, and can be.

And as I’m writing this, and thinking about all the experiences, many of which I’ve developed, I think of, what for me would be the most ambitious project yet, a 14 day Massage Retreat. This would be an incredibly deep journey of self-exploration, self-awareness, healing and growth. It would be an amazing journey of intimacy, connection and pleasure for a relationship, and it would also be a training for those interested in any of this work.

Because one of the things that Conscious Touch teaches is about ourselves. It’s one of the reasons that so many people on healing journeys learn, to massage, as there is such receiving, releasing, opening, healing, in the giving.

We learn so much about ourselves, so many of our own patterns come to awareness.

And then I think about how much is in these experiences.

You see touch is the language of the body, which makes it the language of the heart.

It goes to places our words never will, far beyond the mind.

There’s a truth in touch, an intimacy, a connection, a knowing.

The healing, the realizations, the awareness, the release that comes from these experience happens in a way words can’t really fathom.

There are things that happen that we can’t fully explain, yet, and they’re there.

When we have regular touch experiences we see how much they bring to us, how important they are, on all levels of our being, and how they impact on health, well-being, fulfillment and connection.

There’s the transformational power of touch, which is of course connected to healing, and goes beyond that, into a state of being, into creativity, into inspiration, into a deeper awareness of our senses, which is how we experience life, the world, each other.

And I’ll say it. If the leaders, political, financial, economic, religious, leaders, of our regular had regular Conscious Massage, even, and maybe Pleasure Massage, I think our world would be different.

Why particularly Pleasure Massage?

Firstly because I believe in the power of pleasure to heal, to transform things, as a path of awareness and Divine expression.

And secondly because when we have deep conscious pleasure we see the world differently. We see more connection than separation, we see love more than anger, greed, hate and insecurity.

And then there’s Pleasure.

Where a great deal of my teaching happens.

Conscious Pleasure.

What does that mean, because many of us see Pleasure Massage, we go to orgasm, to release.

We’re talking about energy here.

Healing, release, opening, softening, letting go. Emotions that are held in the body, deep hurt, tension, contraction, that moves to allow flow.

Sometimes pleasure, with the vulnerability and the openness it brings becomes the space of release, a Teargasm we call it.

Then there are the higher, deeper experiences of pleasure. Sexual Energy that becomes a way of experiencing the Divine.

Energy of inspiration, of vitality, of life-force.

Orgasms that become paths to deeper states of consciousness.

Pleasure that becomes a meditation.

And more, there is so much more.

So much in our bodies, so much in touch.

A lifetime of exploration, experience and discovery.

A way to connect, with a lover, with others, a language that needs no words, no story.

The language of touch.

A world of limitless possibilities.

And I so look forward to sharing this with you, in touch.

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