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July 2, 2022

Create your own Ritual – Mini Course

Rituals… They can help us to find stillness to slow down and to ground. It can bring us back to our purpose and keep us focused. It can reconnect us with our spirituality or belief system.

We all have little rituals. Some of us have alters we pray to, others start the morning with a cup of coffee.

A unique intentional ritual for yourself is a great way to become more aware of your intuition and creativity. Creating a ritual takes just a little time out of your everyday life, and it is well worth the effort.

Creating a ritual, where to start? Find some time and space that you can make your own, no distractions (hide your phone)!

Now let’s start journaling… Dive into your artist head space! Where does your inspiration come from? What are some things you love?

Think back to things you enjoyed when you were younger… What were the feelings and ideas? The things you cared about that come up from childhood memories, before you were worried too much about how other people saw you. Your childhood desires and passions often reveal the core of who you are…

Your ritual can be inspired by other religious or spiritual ceremonies, cultural rituals, changes of season, witchcraft, etc… But try and make it your own, use things that feel like they have real meaning to you. What came up when you were journaling? What kind of things bring forth the same emotions you have surrounding your art practice?

Start brainstorming your ideas some examples

·      You could make your own creative altar a sacred space for things that you love. You could collect natural things flowers or make offerings here. Have images of artists, bands, art, designs that inspire you.

·      Make something, cook something, plant something?

·      You could burn something –paper creations, incense…

·      Throw something away, a type of decluttering or just the act of letting go of something symbolic.

You can go wild with ideas, but I think the important part is to find something that really resonates with you. Something that you feel connected to that will draw your awareness at the time of the ritual. Your ritual should have some LOVE in it, find something you feel some love for and do it with the feeling of love.

Your ritual can evolve over time, follow your intuition, and do what feels good. Once you’ve created or even discovered a creative ritual, try it out! Enjoy it, get immersed in it! Watch your thoughts and feelings…

I believe that the time we spend in our rituals strengthen our connection with the universal creative force. A moment where we open ourselves up to divine inspiration! Try it and you decide!

And remember to stay open to opportunities and new ideas… I’d love to hear about and see your rituals!

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