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July 23, 2022

Elephant Journal Saved Lives. Now it’s our turn to Save Elephant Journal.

We are a diverse community of readers and writers, and Elephant Journal is our common ground.

It’s in some real danger of going under. We have to listen in time. Not when it’s too late. Not when we are mourning the loss of a living, breathing, organic, democratic, independent online magazine that nurtures our body, mind, and spirit. Not when we are mourning the loss of a living, breathing, organic, democratic, independent online magazine that creatively and positively releases pent-up feelings and thoughts.

Waylon Lewis is warning us gently and powerfully. Urging us. Pleading for help. Pleading for us to find a way to subscribe to our stellar magazine.

Subscriptions are its lifeline.

Let’s create a miracle. Let’s save something that does good for our world, for us, for each reader, and for each writer.

Then, it will live and thrive…and we can continue to learn, grow, shift, change, disagree, and merge our hearts—with Elephant Journal as our bond every step along the way.

Help it survive before it is too late. As one of its thousands and thousands of writers and readers, I urge all of us to rally behind Waylon Lewis and Elephant before it is too late to do anything about it at all.

Let’s all buy a subscription before it’s too late. It isn’t too late.


I feel Waylon’s pleas in my entire being. Sadly, I don’t know if enough people are listening.

Can you imagine life without this brilliant online magazine? I can’t.

Waylon is giving us the heads up. He needs us to give up a Starbucks coffee or two, and anything else we splurge on, and subscribe.

Elephant Journal cannot survive without us.

When I see Waylon Lewis’ plea for us to gather together virtually and save Elephant Journal from completely folding, my heart breaks. When one of the editors for an article I’m writing tells me that they have just been let go, I cannot believe it. I think…

“What? No more Elephant Journal? This cannot happen. We need to do something as a community of diverse writers and readers. We may be different from each other in our views, but we share one beautiful, democratic, holistic, and healing thread together.

Elephant Journal is our common ground and Elephant Journal saves lives.

Do you really hear him? This could really happen, everyone. Despite millions of readers and writers, Elephant Journal is in deep financial trouble. Facebook algorithms continue to do major damage. Every week, Waylon has to make heart-wrenching decisions that require letting go of devoted, brilliant, and creative staff.

This is not okay.

Let’s wake up and act. Today. Now.

My personal experiences with the editors of Elephant Journal have been life-changing. I was already an author of four books when I began to create articles for this transformational online magazine. Every single editor I have worked with has helped me grow as a writer and as a more conscious human being.

Everyone who works for Elephant Journal gives every inch of themselves. They are all generous, devoted, creative, heart-centered, hardworking, and supportive—and if you get a comment from a reader that knocks you for a loop—they are there to console and “therapize,” too.

I can’t imagine its demise. He is warning us. Begging us.

If we enjoy having a place to write our deepest thoughts and feelings, and if we enjoy reading all the articles that help us feel less alone in the world, let’s do something. Let’s not allow it to die.

Let’s do anything we can and everything we can to keep it from drowning, and even better, make it thrive.

Here is what I wrote Waylon in one of my comments to his “help me/us/it” articles. I can’t communicate my thoughts and feelings any better.

“Waylon, I will and am doing all I can to keep Elephant Journal alive and well.”

Why? Because it saves lives. You save lives.  

You dreamed of this idea and then manifested Elephant Journal so thousands of writers can express their deepest feelings and thoughts—(and, because there is a creative outlet to express our pain into, maybe it has even prevented suicide). It’s a “wow,” Waylon Lewis, it’s a “wow.”

As a sound healer, maybe I could sing healing sounds to the universe to create the miracle we all want and need.

Your dream made manifest has also helped thousands of readers feel less alone with their thoughts and feelings.

What a gift. What a priceless gift.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the writers who pour their hearts out and all the readers who read and need what they have to say. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Elephant Journal and the way you have gone about it. I can’t tell you how much I love your mantra, “being of benefit.”


Cheryl Melody Baskin

(just one of many grateful writers and readers)

Final thoughts.

My dream and creative visualization for Elephant Journal?

Subscriptions. Subscriptions. Subscriptions. Let’s pour them into Elephant Journal and fill its cup till there is excess and abundance and Waylon never has to worry about its survival again.

Let’s give up a Starbucks coffee here and there. Subscribe to Elephant Journal’s life-giving, thought-provoking, feeling-releasing, deeply treasured online magazine that continues to be of benefit to all of us. 

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