July 14, 2022

Giving a Penny to a Stranger can make a Life-Changing, Spiritual Difference. 


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When I was in line at the bank the other day, I spotted a shiny penny parked next to my foot.

Seeing a penny laying on the floor isn’t usually a big deal, but for some random reason, it felt important today. I knew I had a split-second choice to make about this penny’s fate. I could leave it on the floor, quickly put it in my pocket, or offer it to the elderly woman behind me.

I couldn’t resist. I bent down to pick up the penny and then turned around to greet the stranger behind me. With warm eye contact and a smile, I said, “Good morning. How are you doing today? Did you know that finding a penny and giving it to someone is a sign of good luck for both of us? I believe that the penny I just found was meant for you. I’d like you to have it for an extra boost of good luck today.”

Her reactions were priceless. She put her hand out to receive the penny and gave me the kind of smile that could light up a Christmas tree. She responded by shyly saying, “Thank you so much. I needed a little more luck today. Life has been hard lately. That’s so nice of you.”

This moment was never about the penny.

The amount of money I placed in her hand was inconsequential. It was about so much more. It was about the priceless currency of kindness, human connection, and love. It was about hearing a gentle whisper of caring from a stranger saying, “You matter to me. You’ll be okay. Life will get better. Keep hope.”

I am not always this nice. I’d like to be, but because I’m often in my own head, I’m sure I miss opportunities for spiritually awakening human connection. Before I demean myself too much, life is not about what I don’t do and all the times I mess up. It’s all the times I do open my heart and all the times I do offer someone a gentle place to fall, a kind word, and a caring moment of connection.

The Brain-Body Technique

Because I am consciously on an inner growth path, learning how to become increasingly mindful and how to be the peace and love I visualize in the world, I reinforce my moments of positive behavior by using a brain-body technique I developed along the way. Using this healing tool helps solidify my “higher road” behavior.

I place my hand on my heart, close my eyes, and invite positive intentions and power words into my life.

You created good peace vibrations today, Melody. Kindness. Love. To Myself. To Others. Do it often. It matters. You matter. People matter. Give yourself love. Show others love. We are all one.

When I think about my new friend’s positive reactions to receiving the penny, it makes me wonder what other small actions of human kindness I can offer myself and others in the spirit of loving consciousness.


What if I begin my morning by looking in the mirror and wishing myself a good day?

What if I smile at the person who is looking back at me in the mirror?

What if I give myself a loving hug of compassion, empathy, and self-care?

What if I am kinder to myself? Less self-critical?

What if I see my beauty despite pimples, wrinkles, and age spots? 

Loved ones

Do I light up when they enter the room?

Do I tell them how much I appreciate them?

Do I wish them a good day and tell them I love them?

Do I put my iPhone down and give them the focus they need?

Do I give them a hug and an enthusiastic “good morning?”

The penny I gave my new friend created an energy field of gratefulness and joy, as well as currencies other than money that resonate with a high vibration.











Creating a better story for humanity.

Loving Consciousness.


(Precious readers, please feel free to add to my “core values currency list” in the Elephant Journal comment section.)

Lightworkers and peacemakers of the world, let’s swing the pendulum back to love.

Everything we do, say, think, and feel will matter to someone. Even giving a penny to a stranger can make a life-changing difference. Let’s collectively and individually create a conscious and consistent heart-centered love toward all living things on our one precious planet.

And so, it will be.

And so, it can be.

And so, I am.

And so, you are.

And so, it is.


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