July 5, 2022

Home Birth, Conscious Creation & the Feminine Power to Save the World.

The moments before my daughter was born were some of the most sacred and wild of my life.

I was on my hands and knees, my preferred position because of back labor, in a warm birth tub in my living room. I was surrounded by a circle of women, plus my husband. My midwife, her assistant, my doula, and my mother all holding space. They were quiet, non-invasive, and trusted me and baby to do our thing.

I remember this so viscerally, as the birth portal was extremely ecstatic and intense. The waves, or contractions, were in full force and coming quickly. I could feel baby descending, getting ready to make her debut. My body felt so alive, so wild. I felt the animal in me, my body knowing exactly what to do. Although I was engaged with my body, I was also aware of my thoughts. I felt extremely focused on the task at hand, but part of me was almost outside of myself and in the realm of spirit.

I remember between waves seeing my mother and thinking, this is what you did for me? She had three non-medicated births. I always knew this, but I didn’t fully understand or embody this information until I was in the same position. I was in complete awe of what her body did to create, labor with, and birth me. What magic. What a miracle. I thought, “She is so amazing!” She waited patiently by the tub for our little Gemma, quietly cheering me on as she always has.

I also remember being in awe of every mother, whatever kind of birth they had. I felt the power and support and spirit of all mothers. Knowing how many times this miracle has been performed, how mundane it is really in its frequency, but incredible in its power. Their strength. Their support. Their fierceness. Their love. They gave me the energy, inspiration, and faith to perform this sacred act.

My body began to push on its own, performing the fetal ejection reflex. In a push, her head was born. Another quick push, and suddenly, I was catching her from my body, pulling her up from the water, and instinctively holding her to my chest. I was outside of myself. Full shock that she was finally here. That I did it! That I caught her! And suddenly, my heart burst like the big bang. My aura expanding to the size of the universe. The love everyone talks about is real, and I am forever changed.

Goddess, whether you are a mother or not, whether you have a uterus or not, the womb portal within you is sacred and powerful. Your sacral is sacred. Goddess, you literally pull inspiration from Source, nurture it, and birth it into this world. You take the unmanifested and give it form.

Several years before, I was sitting in circle with fellow trainees during my advanced yoga teacher certification in India. I remember during the graduation ceremony everyone chanting Om, the universal mantra of creation. I closed my eyes, and suddenly, I could see my spirit guides around me, Om-ing. I knew I was suddenly being birthed into the light. A new creation, a new version of me being born with so much to share and a new chapter of my life and career about to begin.

To be a conscious creator, a master of womb magick, the birth is a sacred portal of transformation that transports you to a new level of consciousness and dharma. Your duty becomes enmeshed with this creation, with every bit of your strength and energy going toward its survival. And then you help guide the creation to thrive. And then at some point, hopefully the creation has been so well nurtured that they are independent. And then it’s time to trust and let go.

Mothers of this world, thank you for your sacred duty. From sleepless nights to diapering, feeding, and helping shape your babies into wonderful humans. Creatrixes of this world, thank you for the bravery of bringing your inspiration to life and nurturing your dharma babies with your blood, sweat, tears, and joy. It is an honor, but caring for your baby or creation is also work. And in my opinion, conscious mothers and womb magick creatrixes are the ones who hold the greatest power of manifestation to change the world for the highest good.

Our babies, our creations, will be so loved and cared for intentionally and consciously that they will raise the collective consciousness and cultivate lasting shifts in humanity. We are shaping the future. We are breaking ancestral patterns. We are bleeding and birthing and doing the hard work of nurturing so that a new earth can be born.

Mama goddess, you are what we need here and now. I bow to you. I honor you. I honor your sacred womb and wait with bated breath to see what magick you create.


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