July 12, 2022

I don’t take what President Biden has brought back to our America for granted.

Heavy inflation is Biden’s fault, MAGAers say in the USA.

In Canada however, it’s Trudeau’s fault. (Sorry)

In Chile, it’s Boric’s fault.

In Finland, folks say Sanna Marin causes global inflation.

Trump fans throwing up their hands and crying re Biden “family crimes” is so hollow it pops.

Stop letting folks use the news to justify hating who they already hate.


I don’t get all the pessimism round President Biden. But for (voters not giving a working majority) Manchin & Sinema, he’d have advanced huge progress. As it is he’s had substantive victories for the good of We the People, & returned sanity, caring, dignity to US & abroad.

While I think he will be “too old” to serve another full term, he’s more fit & active than Trump (or Reagan). His speech is largely due to lifelong overcoming of stuttering, & ageism in media is rampant. We should be thankful, not fearful or cynical.

That said, yes, a younger candidate in 2024 who can win with integrity is important. Still, he’s transitioned us back to a path w/a chance to preserve democracy & turn the tide back toward true, humble, greatness.

But that’s not all..!

Front page of Reddit, in today’s news, credit where credit is due.

r/WhitePeopleTwitter - Credit where credit is due.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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