July 7, 2022

“If you Can’t Get in, Go up”: The Art of Handling Disappointment.


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Disappointment is a part of life.

It has been since the beginning of time. People have been disappointing each other for a while. Life has been disappointing us whenever we make a decision to reach a goal, and it is never easy. Humanity has been disappointing us by not caring about our planet, about animals, about the ecosystem in general.

You get the gist. It’s just disappointment after disappointment.

But what is different between each and every one of us is that some of us work on moving past disappointment and deciding to do something about the situation, and some of us get paralyzed by it.

Some clean beaches every weekend.

Some live in their cars for months or even years before getting the life-changing opportunities to become superstars.

Some keep applying to universities even after getting rejected.

Some continue their education at a later age because the war forced them to stop going to school in their youth.

Some keep trying to have children even if they couldn’t for years, and if they still can’t, they adopt.

Some make it their life’s mission to rescue animals from starvation and diseases in the streets.

Some decide that they need to do something.

We cannot escape disappointment, but will we become enslaved by it?

Sometimes, it’s truly not meant to be. But, sometimes, this disappointment is a stepping stone toward something better, whether it’s becoming stronger, finding better opportunities, or removing harmful people from our lives.

I’ve read stories by famous authors who got rejected over 200 times before they became bestsellers. Their experiences inspired me to keep fighting to get my novel out there even if some agents found that it was not worth their time. Even if some of them did not believe in it.

I was disappointed, devastated, angry, and bitter.

And yet, there was something inside of me that pushed me to try harder, not to give up on my novel, to keep seeking ways of getting it out in the world.

If you’ve been disappointed with life, people, or yourself, watch this video. Because in the end, we cannot escape disappointment, but we can put a leash on it and guide it in a way that prompts us to persevere and strengthen ourselves.

Whether you’re a believer or not, there is a great lesson to be taken from this pastor’s words:


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