July 12, 2022

The 5 Most Common Spiritual Gifts—& How to Identify Them.


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Have you ever experienced déjà vu or experienced a recurring dream?

Do you frequently awaken in the middle of the night between 3:00-4:00 a.m.? Can you sense when the energy of a room is light and airy, or alternatively—thick and heavy? Do you feel happy when others are happy? Do you feel sad when others are sad?

Our gifts aren’t always as obvious as seeing visions or hearing voices.

Many times, they are extremely subtle, which makes them easy to ignore and take for granted.

But when you’re aware of your gifts—and empowered with the tools to awaken them—you can strengthen your gifts and step more fully into the person you incarnated to be.

In this article, we’re going to explore five of the most common spiritual gifts—how to identify if you have one and how to effectively tap in, awaken, and strengthen your gift.

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

A spiritual gift is just that—a gift.

Given to you from the spiritual world to use to move forward the greater good of humanity. Your gift was given to you to help you as you navigate through life and fulfill your destiny.

Some people may refer to this spirit as: God, higher power, angels, energy source, higher beings, entities, mother earth, or other namesakes.

All of these terms are correct.

Whichever terminology you are familiar and comfortable with is the right one for you to use (in this article I will refer to it as “spirit” because that’s the term I am most familiar with).

These gifts can take any number of forms, but there are five spiritual gifts in particular that most people lean toward—channelers, transmuters, psychics, hands-on healers, and Akashic records.

The moment you start accepting, exploring, and embracing your gifts…everything will start to change.

Your intuition will grow stronger. Your energy will be lighter. Your purpose will be more clear.

But before you can accept and embrace your gift, you first have to discover which spiritual gift you have.

How To Identify Your Spiritual Gift

The Channeler

This is a surprisingly common gift that many people aren’t aware that they have.

When you channel, you are literally channeling energy directly from spirit. This energy comes through you in the form of either information or energy.

Channeling information might look something like this: you’re talking to a close friend, family member, or stranger, and suddenly you have the urge to ask about their grandma. They hadn’t spoken to their grandma in some time, so you quickly move on to another topic. Later, they call their grandma and discover that she’s taken ill and needs help with driving to the store to pick up medicine. Spirit channels the information through you to give to that person so they could help their grandma.

Remember, this is just one example.

Channeling can take many forms, but oftentimes, it just appears as a “block of thought” or “random idea” that popped into your head.

Many of the initial ideas for inventions or scientific discoveries were likely made through channeling.

When you don’t use your channeling gift as it was intended, you will find that you have a lot of pent-up energy. This may lead to excessive exercising, fidgeting, anxiety, or even a false ADHD diagnosis.

The Transmuter

When you transmute energy, you are literally taking negative energy, recycling it, and returning it as clean, positive, and powerful energy.

Kind of like a giant crystal—absorbing negative energy of everyone (and everything) around them.

Transmuters are doing this all of the time, even if they are completely unaware of it.

Transmuting energy might look something like this: you encounter someone who has had a bad day—their energy is negative, and they are sitting in a low vibration. But as you talk and converse with them (about nothing in particular), their energy starts to lighten, and their vibration rises. They leave the conversation feeling noticeably more positive and happier.

If you are not aware of this gift, these simple, everyday encounters can drain your energy and take a real toll on your physical health—leaving you feeling depleted, tired, and like you have “nothing left to give.”

This is why transmuters often crave alone time. Because they are constantly absorbing the energy of everything around them, this time alone is needed to help them re-energize or “refill their tank.”

The Psychic

This is probably the gift you’re most familiar with—thanks to mainstream media. But in my opinion, the media doesn’t do justice to the term at all.

Psychics are intimately in touch with their third eye—which acts as a portal to different frequencies.

What this means exactly will vary for each person.

Some psychics will see physical spirits, energy, or auras of light.

Other psychics might have visions of future, present, or past events.

Some psychics will have vivid dreams that later come true, see certain images or locations, or hear clear voices and messages.

But the most common form that a psychic gift will take is as simple as “just knowing”—you may not actually see or hear any specific messages at all. But instead, you are filled with a knowing of something that you can’t quite explain.

The Hands-on Healer

People with this spiritual gift have the ability to physically heal others through the power of their touch and thoughts.

Like all other spiritual gifts on this list, how this gift manifests itself will vary from person to person. The power and strength of each individual’s gift largely depends on how often they practice and nurture it.

They could be able to heal any number of physical, mental, or emotional conditions.

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that many people are familiar with—but there are many other forms.

Some more practiced healers can heal cancer, remove tumors, and even mend broken bones.

Other healers can lift the energy and vibration of others through a simple hug—pulling people out of the depths of depression and even suicide.

The Akashic Records

Having this spiritual gift is like having an entire library of information available to you. It’s limitless and timeless information—spanning through past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities.

This gift closely resembles that of a psychic, but its potential is limitless.

People with this gift are about to see intimately into the life and death of a person. They can clearly see and predict catastrophic events, natural disasters, and so much more.

How To Awaken and Strengthen Your Spiritual Gift

We all have the innate ability to receive spiritual guidance and tap into our gifts.

The first step is simply being aware that you have a gift. Once you are aware of it, you can control it and strength it.

And it all starts with intention:

1. Set an intention for stepping into your gift for the highest good so you can do your purpose work. Exactly what you say is up to you, but here’s a prompt to get your wheels turning: “I am fully stepping into, and claiming, my spiritual gift so that I can fulfill my purpose work and contribute to the highest good of humanity.”

2. Optional: burn palo santo or white sage to cleanse your chakras and your space.

3. Envision a white light coming down from the heavens, pouring into the crown of your head and filling up your body.

4. Be still, quiet your mind, and focus on your intention.

5. Watch for signs of your gift manifesting in your everyday life (keeping a dream journal is a good idea!). And most importantly, take action when you see a sign.

6. Practice. Like all things, the more you practice, the more you listen, and the more action you take…the easier it will get.


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