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July 26, 2022

The Revised Human Being Rule Book: Rule #2

2.  You are 100% worthy just as you are in every moment.

Every human being is entirely complete and whole and lovable exactly as they are in every present moment.  There is nothing you can do or say or buy that will increase or decrease your worthiness.

Human beings have been programmed to believe that they are incomplete, deficient, and unlovable.  The opposite is true.

We tell ourselves that when we get the degree or the promotion or lose the weight or buy the house or find the partner, we will FEEL BETTER.  This is false.

Unfortunately the programming is everywhere so it’s understandable why most human beings seek external validation to validate their internal.  We are inundated with messages of scarcity and lack.  Commercials and ads focus on human insecurities.

Does anyone really believe the Lexus holiday commercials?  Buy this car and your life will look like the commercial.  Buy this mascara and your lashes will look like the model who was chosen specifically because she naturally has long, lush lashes.

Wake up!  It’s all bullish*t.

By all means, buy the Lexus and enjoy your beautifully made car BUT remove the thoughts that the car will somehow improve your state of worthiness. Nothing outside of yourself can improve on who you are.

You are a human being, born into this human experience and you are 100% worthy just as you are in every moment.

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