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July 13, 2022

The Revised Human Being Rule Book: Rule #7

7. Unconditional love + boundaries = bliss

unconditional love

/ənkənˈdiSH(ə)n(ə)l    ləv/
allowing others to be who they are and not requiring them to be any different to love them.
/bound(ə)rē z/
ways of being that you will and will not accept from others and how you will respond to their ways of being.
Human beings will be who they are whether we give them permission or not. When we “allow” others to be who they are and do not require them to be any different to love them, we create so much more ease in our lives.
All human suffering is created by resistance to what is.  We don’t like what is so we tell ourselves that if it was different, we would feel better. This is false.  Nothing outside of you needs to be a certain way in order for you to feel good.  You create how you feel by what you think and what you think is always a choice.
Now I hear the inevitable question, so does this mean I need to accept everyone for who they are even if they are rude, fake, mean jerks?  Of course not.  This is where BOUNDARIES come in.
Human beings will be who they are with or without our permission but YOU decide the energetic exchange.  Boundaries create a way of interacting with other humans that feel good to you.  They are ways of navigating the world that keep you feel safe and supported while allowing others to be exactly who they are.
Practice this formula to allow more ease and flow into your human experience.
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