July 10, 2022

What the Super Full Buck Moon Means for your Love Life: Zodiac Edition.

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On July 13th we will have a Super Full Buck Moon in the sign of Capricorn while the sun is currently in the sign of Cancer.

These two sister signs are somewhat opposite in nature with Capricorn tending to be a bit more logical and Cancer tending to be a bit more emotional.

The shadow side of Capricorn can present as pessimistic, lonely, and rigid, so adopting some of the light attributes of Cancer such as imagination, sensitivity, and compassion is what can help balance out these two energies.

Additionally, on July 7th, the dwarf planet Vesta went retrograde in the sign of Pisces while Venus is headed into the sign of Cancer on the 17th. During Vesta’s retrograde period we are all being encouraged to take an honest look at what is most sacred to us while Venus, the planet of love, might have us connecting deeper to our emotions. Both Pisces and Cancer are said to be more emotional and sensitive signs as they are both associated with the element of water, so these next few weeks could set you on a different path when it comes to love.

Even though collectively we will all feel the effects of the planets over the coming weeks to some degree, there are other things that can affect how we flow with the energies of the moon such as our rising, sun, and moon sign as well as our Mars and Venus placement on our natal chart. If you are not sure where to find this information, you can visit Café Astrology to get a free natal chart report; otherwise, keep reading to find out how this super full moon might affect your love life.


Aries, you might really struggle with this moon’s energy, which is forcing you to take a much more compassionate and grounded approach to your romantic life. Don’t forget that slowing down doesn’t have to be a bad thing and it certainly does not mean stagnancy either. You are being asked to stop and smell the roses and use some of that fire in all the right places so as not to feel watered down and bored. You are incredibly creative, Aries, so use that creativity in ways that will boost the passion you feel—especially when it comes to romance.


Taurus, the biggest challenge for you might be in your unwillingness to let go. With Vesta encouraging you to take an honest look at what you hold sacred, please remember that sometimes it is okay to let go of people or situations that are no longer in your highest good. Try not to get too comfortable in the energy of rigidity that Capricorn might highlight to you while also remembering that sometimes letting go of the thing you are clinging to can only usher in bigger and better things. This could be in the form of a new relationship entirely or outworn beliefs and behaviors that are no longer of benefit. You may be a creature of comfort Taurus, but you are also wise, so use that wisdom to help you grow where you need to grow.


Gemini, this moon’s energy might be forcing you out of the comfort of your head and into the more unknown terrain of your heart. This moon’s energy might be expanding your ability to speak what you feel rather than what you know. Being vulnerable may not always feel great, but try to remember that sometimes our deepest connections can be made when we invite others in. Gemini you are incredibly gifted when it comes to communication, so use it to express your deepest love to those you hold sacred and dear to your heart—and do not hold back.


Cancer, this moon might be a doozy for you. With it being a super moon and you being ruled by the moon itself, don’t be surprised if you are completely in your feels. I know it might seem like an almost impossible task, but this moon is encouraging you to stabilize internally as best you can especially when it comes to your romantic life. You probably have a good idea of what you hold sacred so that may not be so much an issue; that said, sometimes it’s okay to tap into your logic to counterbalance the emotions you feel. Cancer, you are incredibly intuitive and loving—don’t forget to give to yourself as much as you give to others.


Leo, sometimes you are a lot more sensitive than people realize. Try not to take others personally during this time as emotions run high. If your feelings get hurt, Leo, it’s important to have an honest communication with the other person instead of letting your pride stand in the way. It has been said that Leo is ruled by the heart—so let these energies bring you closer to those you love. Leo, you have infectious energy and you love to shine, so now is the time to bring others closer to you by showing your true self and letting them love you for you.


Virgo, like Taurus, this moon could be challenging you to get out of your logic mind and get into your feelings. Sometimes love cannot be explained and sometimes it does not make sense. You are being challenged to get out of the energy of practicality and into more of your sister sign Pisces’ energy of flow and emotion. Virgo, it is okay to let others know how you feel—especially in your sacred partnerships. You, more than others, have the innate gift of speaking, and these energies are asking you to let go of logic in favor of being of service to others by sharing what is in your heart.


Libra, you might find yourself more attached to your home and family life than normal. This might feel slightly disturbing if you find you are more used to the energy of freedom. This moon’s energy is magnifying to you where you can grab hold of the more tangible side of life while also maintaining your need for balance when it comes to partnerships. With Vesta in retrograde in the sign of Pisces and Venus moving into the sign of Cancer, you could be finding yourself needing others much more than in previous cycles. Libra, you are always fighting for the underdog—sometimes it is okay to let others support and fight for you too. Use your innate ability of reciprocity to help remind those closest to you that romance is best when balanced.


Scorpio, there is a lot of emotional energy here and though you are no stranger to its depths, the current energies could show you more of what you have repressed in past or current partnerships. Sometimes Capricorn energy can be a bit harsh and closed off, so try not to let that energy bring out the sting in your words. You love intensely and the amount of pain you feel is equal to the love you give, so choose what you say wisely. During this time, Scorpio, share your loyalty and love in positive ways with the people you hold in your heart, and just like the water itself, let past hurts flow away. Remember, right now you are being asked to take an honest assessment of that which you deem sacred and only you can determine what that is. Scorpio, you are deep and intuitive, so use that energy help you create lasting bonds with the people who truly see you and don’t be afraid to let go where you need to.


Sagittarius, you might be ready to expand on your emotional side through intimate partnerships and calling in soulmates to help you broaden your horizons. You might feel slightly challenged with this moon, especially if you are feeling like you are being held back by a partner or an old love. Yes, you are fun-loving, but you are also sensitive—try not to let that get the best of you during this time. With Vesta in retrograde and Capricorn being magnified, there might be more for you to figure out when it comes to your home life, dear Sag. Sure, you love your freedom, but it’s also important that you can recognize a sacred bond when you have one. Sagittarius, you bring humor and spontaneity to those around you. That lightness of spirit is helpful when emotions are running high, so don’t be afraid to offer it to those you love the most.


Capricorn, this is your moon, and it is a super one at that. This moon might be pushing you to be more flexible in the romance department. If you find that you have a challenging time with compromise, then you are being encouraged to drop into the energy of compassion to bring love back into your sacred union. Capricorn, sometimes it’s okay to let go of the need to control that which cannot be controlled—especially when it comes to other people. If you value them and they are sacred to you, don’t you think it’s worth opening up? Remember, right now the key word is balance, so adopting some of that Cancerian energy can only benefit you and those you love in the long run. Capricorn, you are the ultimate manifestor, so use that energy to create the ideal outcome for yourself and those you love the most.


Aquarius, this moon’s energy is encouraging you to release anything in your love life that does not feel authentic anymore. Emotions are not something you tend to be terribly comfortable with so expect the unexpected when it comes to your feelings this month. You could potentially be pulled into some new experiences that will ultimately help you course correct, but only if you are willing to let go of any pessimistic views you are holding onto about love. Aquarius, you are not meant to follow the status quo, so anything that is not in alignment with that energy needs to be assessed honestly, especially when it comes to romantic partnerships and sacred bonds. Don’t be afraid to do what feels right for you—just be mindful that you don’t have to be cutthroat about it. Aquarius, you have a gift of showing others what is possible, so use that gift to help people recognize the value in living authentically.


Pisces, your deep emotions and compassionate nature might leave you overlooking red flags and putting up with more than you deserve. Your biggest challenge when it comes to this month’s full moon is to adopt some of your sister sign Virgo’s logic so as not to miss important things in your romantic life. You are being encouraged to assess what is truly important to you when it comes to love and use your intuition and nurturing energy with a healthy dose of reality to let go of what or who needs to be released while holding onto those who are positively impacting you. Pisces, you might be feeling more emotional than usual when it comes to matters of love and home life. Remember Pisces, sensitivity is your gift so don’t forget to offer that sensitivity toward yourself too.

It seems we are all being encouraged to dive deeper, to develop our compassion and empathy and free ourselves more. May this full moon’s energies be the very thing you need in order to heal.

May all blessings be.


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