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August 21, 2022


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

There is something that can change your relationship, deeply, simply, powerfully.

It can enhance the intimacy and connection you feel.

It can open doors to a heightened expression of love.

And it can be a way to awareness, in all of life.


One word.


Attention is presence, attention is awareness.

Attention is the space where intimacy flourishes and flows.

Attention is the space where we feel seen, loved, heard, acknowledged.

Attention brings us into our bodies, into our hearts.

Attention is the opening to possibility in the moment.

Attention is what we give to our lovers, out of the openness of our hearts.

Attention is the desire to love, to express love, to show love in so many ways.

Attention is us seeing, with an inner vision, seeing with our soul, love.

Over time, attention is an element of intimacy that becomes the substance of a lasting relationship, of fulfilment, of joy, of sharing.

It’s where we see and are seen.

Hear and heard, feel and are felt.

And when I give my attention to you, there is love.

There is an intention with this.

The intention begins with a question, what kind of relationship would you like to have?

How important is your relationship, how important is your lover?

How important is it to be conscious, to be aware, in your relationship?

How can your relationship be a path to presence?

How can your relationship bring you from patterning, from conditioning, from expectation to the freedom of the moment?

How can your relationship be a space of healing?

How can your relationship be a path of growth?


Giving your attention to the moment, to your lover, in the moment.

Brings you into attention, into yourself.

Attention is time, not things.

Attention is intimacy in action, expressed in words, gestures, touch, listening, pleasure.

It’s often small things, not exclusively.

And it is so linked to arousal.

Attention says that I desire you.

And the arousal grows from attention, simply, deeply.

In the space of attention, it’s always there. It might be low at times, a fire that’s quietened to embers, and as you breathe on it, it comes to flame.


Simple, so much in it.

A world of intimacy, of awareness.

Of possibility.

Of love.

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