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August 29, 2022

How Do I Know I Love You

Photo by Bo Stevens on Pexels.

She asked me how I knew I loved her.

Which, if you explore Consciousness, even a little, becomes a fascinating question.

In fact, many questions.

Who is the I in the question, and what do we actually really know, beyond our perception?

I thought for a moment, I felt for a moment.

I looked into her eyes and said, I don’t.

I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know.

There’s a feeling inside of me that I call love.

It’s there when I look at you, it’s there when we touch, it’s there when we laugh, it’s there when we’re in pleasure, it’s there when we talk vulnerably.

It’s there so many times in the day.

Whether I’m with you or not.

I call this feeling love.

It’s actually many feelings.

Sometimes it’s subtle, so subtle it’s like the space between breaths.

Sometimes it’s so huge it brings me to tears.

Sometimes it’s a fire of passion.

Sometimes it’s the sensuality of desire, for your eyes, your skin, your words, your scent, your mouth, your body, the taste of you.

Sometimes it’s your laughter that dances in the air.

Sometimes it’s the conversations we have, difficult, challenging, revealing, opening.

Sometimes it’s the silence, the stillness, the quiet.

It’s the connection, the usness.

It’s so many dances, in so many ways.

It has no words.

It has no edges, no ending.

It’s simply there.

It’s there all the time whether we notice it or we don’t.

We can’t make love, because it’s always there.

We can invite it to reveal itself.

And through all of these feelings, all of these thoughts, all of these words, the Divine winds itself around us, within us.

And Love allows us to see that, to feel that.

And sometimes this love is so tender and so gentle.

And sometimes this love is a knife that cuts the illusions to show us the truth of the moment.

This love is life, in all the ways life expresses itself.

I don’t know that I know I love you.

And yet I know that I do.

And I love them both as I feel your hand in mine, as we walk along by the ocean, feeling the breeze, hearing the waves.

And I know that the love I feel with you, opens me to love more, to live more.

To share more of myself with you, with life.

With Love.

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