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August 18, 2022

Love or Fear?

The other day while on a bike ride, a teaching from that morning’s yoga practice entered my mind: “Know your foundation. Notice where you are moving from.”

In that moment, I sensed into my bike seat and observed the lack of connection to my root. With that awareness, I envisioned a line of energy drawing in and up from the Earth, traveling through my seat and into my body through my pelvic floor, lifting my body and breath to the sky. Suddenly, I felt lighter; noticing the waves of energy cycle through my limbs, my body and bike became one. As I witnessed my own experience sensing into the foundation of my body’s movement, I experienced expansion inward, into the mind, my mind, into emotions, my emotions and the mantra came back: “Know your foundation. Notice where you are moving from.”

This reflection happened so quickly, so viscerally, and so deeply it’s nearly ineffable. I felt, saw, tasted all at once two options laid out in front of me: Love or Fear. As I inquired with my Self about the foundation of my mind-emotion-body state, I thought about the decisions I made that day, words I’d expressed, food I ate, my general state of Being; did I act from a place of Love, or a Fear? As I sat with these thoughts, I started to see how many of my decisions in life were rooted in Fear, survival, and a longing for security. And not just mine, but many of those around me, in my family and community.

This revelation was huge, eye opening, heart-wrenching for a moment, but then peaceful; Love entered.

What if we started to see Fear as a scared child, fighting for survival, safety, security? How would we meet Fear?

With Love, Compassion, Grace, and Trust – Trust that Fear has shown up to be Loved.


Acknowledging that the foundation in my life (mind, body, spirit – all one) had been rooted in Fear was beyond healing. It illuminated parts of my Soul that had been tethered to Ego, fighting for survival, for safety, to be seen, heard, and felt. And since feeling into those places within and calling upon the above mantra, I experience my foundation shifting….and this is why I want to share this story with you 🙂

With gentle, loving awareness trusting in Divine order for the highest good, go within and ask your Self, “Am I showing up in my thoughts, words, actions from a place of Love or Fear?” And, are they really all that different?

And maybe ponder, imagine (Image-In-Action), entertain the notion that your thoughts create reality. So, what is the reality that you want to create? Feel into the ‘what’ and allow God to take care of the ‘How’- with Love, from Love, for Love for All.

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