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August 11, 2022

The Energy of Receiving: How to fully open to and receive what it is you’re asking for.

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How many times throughout life have we been complimented and, instead of receiving that compliment, we refuted it and disagreed with it?

So often it’s not until someone comes along and calls us out that we notice just how automatic it is to reject and block receiving something that is actually intended for us. Given to us. And for us. We block something that, if we would allow it, would be of tremendous value and beauty.

This pattern can play out in many areas where we do in fact desire to receive more greatly.  Which shows us that one of the greatest barriers to receiving is often that we haven’t yet decided and made a choice to receive. If we are not receiving in one area of our life, what other areas might we be refusing to receive?

The reality we get to relax into is that we are worthy of receiving. We get to receive. We have a choice to receive. The end! Of course it’s not just about learning to be gracious when somebody compliments or gifts us. It’s also about learning to ‘just receive’ from life itself.

Part of this hesitation or apprehension surrounding receiving is often linked to a larger conversation around receiving without assumption.

We’ve all had the experience of wondering if there are conditions we must meet in order to receive. “What do I have to give up; what price must I pay”, is a common thing we may wonder to ourselves.

This is where we have an opportunity to lock in a new belief and choose differently. We can stand up and start to fully refute, with ease, limiting beliefs around getting to receive. And here is how we do that –


Naming and claiming it. Stating it into our hearts, our minds, our souls. Seeing it as done. The fastest way to do that? Just state over and over and over again, the thing which we are now choosing to receive.

Here is the mantra to use to get into the energy of receiving:

I receive with ease and gratitude. I am worthy of receiving.

It’s easy to make a throwaway statement as a once off. Which is why it’s important to repeat, reiterate and embody what we are now choosing. The easiest way we can do this is by writing out (by hand) the above statement, until we feel an energetic shift within and the statement fully lands. There is power in putting physical pen to paper!

The fastest way to ‘get to done’ is to mentally and emotionally put ourselves in a position of seeing it as already done. That is why it’s so powerful to fully feel and embody what we are saying, thinking and choosing so we feel that it is real and true.

This means the statement ‘I receive with ease and gratitude. I am worthy of receiving.’ becomes us, it’s just the way it is.

If we think now of something special we wish to receive, be it a relationship, more money, a health goal, any dream or desire we are choosing to receive. Repeat the above exercise until it feels as though whatever ‘it’ is is done. Once there, we can work through the following and begin to integrate this level of receiving:

  1. Now that it is done, I get to feel … (write at least a half page of everything you would then feel, daily, on repeat … you get to choose, remember!)
  1. Now that it is done, my inner state is … (another half page, whatever comes up!)
  1. Now that it is done, my aligned daily actions look like … (list out as many as what come to mind, no filter, and no regard for the ‘how’ … this is not a task list, this is simply tuning in and identifying what your sub-conscious mind already KNOWS about where you need to go!)

From here, the best part is that there is nothing we have to actually ‘do’. We simply do the exercise, and then release. These exercises and mindset shifts are what elevate our inner state of being into even greater levels of receiving. Adding a gentle inquiry, as per question #4, around what our actions might then be, allows completion. Often without us even noticing the shift in our behavior!

Remember –

We are worthy of infinite receiving.

Unlimited. Unparalleled. Where we fully know that whatever we decide is ours.

Let’s choose it!

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