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August 31, 2022

There Are Ways of Touching

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.

When you sit before another

And look into their eyes

When you breathe into your heart

And feel the love that dwells there

When you touch another with that love

With wonder, with curiosity

With a sense of the sacred

You’re in the presence of the Divine

Your touch, your stroke, your caress

Is the story of the elements of your body

There is a conversation of skin and bones, of blood and nerves

Of earth and air and fire and water

There is a story and a poem

A sculpture

There is art

There is a dance of sensual delight

And wonder at the curves and plains

There is texture and sensation

There is fragrance and breath

There is an eternal moment

That flows into the stream of life

And becomes one with everything

There is a hand

That strokes your body

From your toes to your head

And feels your skin, your bones

It feels where you’re open and soft

And where you’re tight and closed

It feels your heat and your cold

It feels the places you show

And it feels your secrets

This touch is love

This touch is worship

Our bodies, in giving and receiving, in sharing, are expressions of the Divine.

Our bodies tell our story, everything that’s happened to us, everything we’ve done, the memories of generations we carry, are in the body.

There are ways of touching, ways of massaging that become prayer and meditation, healing and pleasure, release and opening.

There are ways of touching that become pathways to deeper states of consciousness.

There are ways of touching, giving that become pathways to presence.

There are ways of touching that are the expression of the sacred erotic.

There are ways of touching that take us beyond time and space into oneness.

Touch is a lifelong journey of exploration, of experiencing, of learning, of feeling, of sensing.

There is an invitation in the body to visit the places we never have, and an invitation to experience ourselves differently.

There is an invitation to deep intimacy, with ourselves and another.

There is an invitation in the conversation of our skin for us to know each other beyond words.

There is an invitation for us to love.

I’ve been exploring and teaching Touch and Massage for over 25 years.

I continue to be amazed at the limitless possibilities these bring us.

I invite you to share…


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