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August 3, 2022

Less of you, for me

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

I know you’re using her to get over me, and she helps to make it hurt less

Say you still wanna be together, but you’re the one that caused all this mess

I know you think I’m young, but young doesn’t mean I’m lacking intellect

Tried to give you all my love, but you and I just could not connect

Thirty six years old and you end a two year love with a text

In fact, took six weeks for you to even see me in person after that

Now you’re searching for a piece of me in all of your someone else’s beds

You called me at midnight saying you couldn’t get me out of your head

Try and deny unfaithfulness, blame it on the internet

Then you turn on the charm with your “baby why you so upset

And just like all the other times, I’m weak for you and I fall for it

Now you’re in a 2am taxi to Chelsea drunk and wondering what comes next

I probably gave you too much of myself from the start

Now you’re trying to pull more from where there’s nothing left but my heart

Maybe in the next life there’s some other time for us when I’m less depressed

When I’m less obsessed

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