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August 15, 2022

We All Need Some Sweetness Especially Now: for the Love of Rumi

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.

Long before the sun rose a voice deep inside said” sweet child return to Rumi” and I listened.

Last week I offered three-morning meditations for Insight Timer. I woke before the sun and prepared my mind and heart.

The morning offerings gifted me with peace and warmed my heart.

The interaction with people all over the world created a stir within.

Once again words flooded and often I was caught off guard.

Meditation is a form of prayer and often directs us when we lose our way.

A creative life can be daunting, especially now. We often search for guidance in the world in which we live. We often look for inspiration in the strangest places and become discouraged and frustrated when inspiration can not be found.

When I feel lost on this creative path I often return to the poetry of Rumi as one returns to sacred religious texts. Rumi’s poetry is essentially prayer. A dialogue with the divine. As a poet myself, I feel a deep connection although we come from different times.

When my heart and soul whisper I listen. This weekend it said, ” You are the dancer and the dance”.

To understand more I meditated, prayed and spent time connecting back to my own heart.

I returned Rumi and read ” Whosoever knoweth the power of dance,dwelleth in God”.

When the world reminds us of pain, suffering and human travesties we need to be reminded of the sweetness, courage and beauty in this world. We need to be reminded that each one of us is a dancer and we are all in this dance called life. The dance is a creation and we are all part of the creation. We can dance when our hearts ache and our burdens are heavy and let go of our pain in our dance. We can connect to the divinity within and beyond in the dance. This requires us to listen to the music that is within and beyond.

Please share a Rumi quote that warms your heart.

Many Blessings,


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Read 2 comments and reply

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