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September 3, 2022

What to enjoy your life more? Here’s how.

#1  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are human beings.

Human + Being.

I think of our human-ness as what we can SEE and what we can DO.  It’s our physical bodies. It’s what we think and what we feel and what we say.

Most humans are connected to parts of our human-ness.

We are very good at doing, doing, doing.

We are often completely identified with our thoughts.

We don’t do as well at feeling our feelings but it’s because no one taught us how.

We say lots of words but most of them are of a auto-pilot complaining nature.

Most humans tend to parts of our human-ness.  We work out and eat nutritious food to fuel our human bodies.  We spend time and money on products and services that make our physical bodies look and feel better.

We feel invested in those parts of our human-ness so we make them a priority.

Our being-ness is what we CANNOT SEE.  It’s the life force energy inside our human bodies.  It’s the observer of our thoughts.  It’s the witness to what we say.  It’s what exists after our human bodies die.  It’s what I learned in 16 years of Catholic school is our SOUL.

Most humans beings are disconnected from our being-ness.

This disconnection is the root cause of all the fear, anxiety and suffering in our current reality.

The reason for this disconnection is programming.  The power structures of the world benefit from humans feeling disconnected from their being-ness.  Take a look at the amount of fear and confusion being pumped through technology today.  It’s no wonder the world feels upside down.

The collective humanity is out of balance.  Too much human not enough being.


In this human experience both our human-ness and our being-ness need to be honored in order to be on our highest time line.  Too much human or too much being creates an imbalanced human experience which results in a less than enjoyable time on this Earth.

REMEDY = Connect to your being-ness.

Meditate. Journal. Do breath work.  Find a spiritual teacher and read their words. Walk outside in nature with nothing in your ears. Hire a life coach.  Pray.  Practice intentional living.  Get curious about what you think and what you believe.  Do the ‘inner work.”

This ONLY for YOU. You need NOT share with other humans.

This will be increasingly important as the world spins madly on.

#2 You are 100% worthy just as you are in every moment.

Every human being is entirely complete and whole and lovable exactly as they are in every present moment.  There is nothing you can do or say or buy that will increase or decrease your worthiness.

Human beings have been programmed to believe that they are incomplete, deficient, and unlovable.  The opposite is true.

We tell ourselves that when we get the degree or the promotion or lose the weight or buy the house or find the partner, we will FEEL BETTER.  This is false.

Unfortunately the programming is everywhere so it’s understandable why most human beings seek external validation to validate their internal.  We are inundated with messages of scarcity and lack.  Commercials and ads focus on human insecurities.

Does anyone really believe the Lexus holiday commercials?  Buy this car and your life will look like the commercial.  Buy this mascara and your lashes will look like the model who was chosen specifically because she naturally has long, lush lashes.

Wake up!  It’s all bullish*t.

By all means, buy the Lexus and enjoy your beautifully made car BUT remove the thoughts that the car will somehow improve your state of worthiness. Nothing outside of yourself can improve on who you are.

You are a human being, born into this human experience and you are 100% worthy just as you are in every moment.

#3 Our entire human experience is made up of what we make things mean.

From the moment we are conceived, we are exposed to our environment.

As we grow in our mother’s womb, we are exposed to that environment.  Was your mother peaceful when you were growing inside her.  How did she take care of her body?

Then we are born into our family unit where all the ancestral and karmic thoughts and belief systems are handed to us.  We learn from the humans around us what things mean.  We may have father who values athleticism or good grades.  We may have a mother who caters to everyone around her and ignores herself.  We have siblings and friends who shape our experience of our environment.

We enter the school system and are told what is valuable and what is not valuable according their standards.  We participate in an organized religion that tells us we are bad until God forgives our sins.

The combination of thoughts and belief systems that are handed to us are vast and nuanced and ultimately NOT TRUE.

We get to decide what things mean to us.  This is called sovereignty.

Deciding what things mean to us requires AWARENESS.

For example, I have decided that I am a spiritual being having a human experience (rule #1).  Can I prove this to you?  No.

Do I have physical evidence to support this?  No.

Does that lessen my belief?  No.

Humans beings are programmed to believe that things mean a certain thing.  This programming does not serve us.

Take the time to notice what you make things mean.

Ask yourself if what you make it mean serves you?

If it doesn’t serve you, notice if you can make it mean something else that does serve you.

Often this will mean allowing what is even when it is uncomfortable.

#4 In this human experience the reason why we desire any person, place, or thing is because of how we THINK we will FEEL in the having of it.

Everything we desire externally is an indicator of how want to feel internally. Humans have been programmed to believe that our internal is a reflection of our external. The opposite is true.  As within, so without.

When you make a purchase, take a moment and ask yourself, ‘how will this purchase make me feel?”  For example, you purchase a new car.  How does having this new car make you FEEL?  Do you feel safer, faster, cooler, accomplished, validated, joyful?

There is no good or bad feeling.  There is no right answer. The magic is in the noticing and the naming of the feeling.

Why is this magical?  Because noticing how you think you will feel in the having of the new car, allows you to tune into the FEELING you are trying to create for yourself.

You can feel safe and fast and cool and accomplished and validated and joyful with or without the new car because it’s not the new car that creates those feelings.  It’s your THOUGHTS about the having of the new car that create those FEELINGS.

Humans can have everything they desire.  The trick is to tune into the FEELING they desire to feel.

We create our external from our internal.  This is a non-negotiable.

How we FEEL internally, creates how we feel externally.

How we FEEL is directly correlated to what we THINK.

Notice what you think.

Notice what you feel.

Notice what you THINK you want to FEEL.

Notice. Notice. Notice.

#5  In order for something to exist, the opposite must also exist (aka duality).

This human experience ‘happens’ in a dimension that includes DUALITY.  Most humans have been programmed to believe that things are “good” and “bad.”   We move through our life experience labeling people, places and things as good or bad.

By doing this, we create a reality that either FEELS good or bad.  Then, as a result of no one teaching us how to identity or feel our feelings, we walk around ignoring or numbing the BAD feeling feelings which keeps humans stuck in endless patterns and cycles.

We tell ourselves a story that if we FEEL BAD something has gone WRONG.

NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG.  This human experience is ALL THE THINGS.  It’s the joy and wonder at new life and the grief and sadness when life becomes death.  Neither is good nor bad.  Birth and death just are in this human experience.

We can only know the joy of new life because we know the grief and sadness of death.  Death feels different than birth but BOTH are required in this human experience.

Just because it doesn’t feel good, does not mean that something has gone wrong.  It just is.  Allow it.  Notice it.

#6  No one is coming to save you.

Programming tells humans that there is someone out there who will complete them.  This is false.

There is no person, place or thing outside of yourself that will save you or fix you or improve you.

By telling ourselves that someone or something outside of ourselves will make us happy or confident or lovable we give all our power away to the external.  The external, meanwhile, is created by our internal.  We end up creating a reality of waiting to feel something from our external that can only be created by our internal.

The only person, place or thing that can “make” you feel happy or confident or lovable is YOU.

Knowing this will save you so much wasted energy.

I think Naval put it best when he said:

“The reality is life is a single-player game. You’re born alone. You’re going to die alone. All of your interpretations are alone. All your memories are alone. You’re gone in three generations and nobody cares. Before you showed up, nobody cared. It’s all single-player.”

No one is coming to save you.

#7  Unconditional love + boundaries = bliss

unconditional love

/ənkənˈdiSH(ə)n(ə)l    ləv/


allowing others to be who they are and not requiring them to be any different to love them.


/bound(ə)rē z/


ways of being that you will and will not accept from others and how you will respond to their ways of being.

Human beings will be who they are whether we give them permission or not. When we “allow” others to be who they are and do not require them to be any different to love them, we create so much more ease in our lives.

All human suffering is created by resistance to what is.  We don’t like what is so we tell ourselves that if it was different, we would feel better. This is false.  Nothing outside of you needs to be a certain way in order for you to feel good.  You create how you feel by what you think and what you think is always a choice.

Now I hear the inevitable question, so does this mean I need to accept everyone for who they are even if they are rude, fake, mean jerks?  Of course not.  This is where BOUNDARIES come in.

Human beings will be who they are with or without our permission but YOU decide the energetic exchange.  Boundaries create a way of interacting with other humans that feel good to you.  They are ways of navigating the world that keep you feel safe and supported while allowing others to be exactly who they are.

Practice this formula to allow more ease and flow into your human experience.

#8 Everything is energy.

This has been proven by science.  The reason this is important to know is because energy is NEUTRAL.

Programming teaches us that things ARE good or bad.

I suggest that things FEEL good or bad.

What one human experiences as good, another experiences as bad.  For example, I am not a fan of spicy food.  Eating spicy food feels unpleasant to me.  Spicy food isn’t bad.  I just don’t enjoy the energy that spicy food brings to my human experience.

This same formula applies to everything in your life.  There is no good or bad in this human experience.  There is only energy and energy is neutral.  How the energy makes us feel creates our experience.

Notice what you think and how you feel to connect to the neutrality of energy.

#9  All we ever have is the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle teaches:

Life is now.

There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be.

Why is this important?

Humans typically do not live in the present moment by default.  Programming and modeling teaches them to either regret the past or worry about the future.

Regret and worry are indulgent emotions that keep humans stuck.

Time is an illusion.  There is no past or future. There is only NOW.

Knowing this is helpful because when you ground into the present moment and allow for the exact present moment, you allow more ease and flow into your human experience.

This may feel counterintuitive at first because your nervous system has adjusted to regret/worry.

#10  In each present moment, you are either the CREATOR or VICTIM.

In this human experience, in every present moment, we are either the creator of our experience or the victim of our experience.

The distinction between creator and victim is OUR THOUGHTS.

Most humans desire to only feel good.

When humans feel bad, they tell themselves that something has gone wrong.  Often, they look at their external to locate the source of their bad feeling and determine that they feel bad because of something outside them.  This is victim mentality.

Creator mentality allows for both the good and the bad.

Every human being’s experience is 50% good and 50% bad.  This is a non-negotiable.

Feeling good and bad and all the feelings in between is part of being a human being.

What if nothing has gone wrong when you feel bad?

What if allowing the good feelings and the bad feelings is key to having a more enjoyable human experience?

Creators allow.

Victims disallow.

When you disallow all the bad feeling you are the victim.

When you notice what is and allow it to be there, regardless of how it feels, you begin creating.

Creator FEELS SO MUCH BETTER than victim.

** Programming is strong with this one so if you read this and feel yucky, ALLOW it.  Ask yourself, if it is true that nothing has gone wrong when I feel anxious or unworthy or less than or bad, how could I allow those feelings instead of buffering or distracting myself from them?  There is SO MUCH POWER in allowing what you feel to be there.  No human being has ever died from feeling a feeling.  It feels like you are going to die, but you won’t die.

Pinky promise.

#11  All human beings have trauma.

Trauma is the resulting energetic imprint on a human being when they DO NOT experience feeling SAFE, SEEN OR SOOTHED.  Our foundational trauma and resulting belief systems and patterns are hard wired into our brains between the ages of in utero to 7 years old.  After that, humans often begin the auto-pilot ways of being that were established previously, over and over and over and over.

All human beings have trauma.  The degree and the details vary widely BUT all humans have trauma.  Having trauma doesn’t make you weak or less than.  Trauma is, in this present timeline, a baseline experience as a human being.

Why is this important?

Understanding that all humans have trauma creates a space to allow for the trauma.  Allowing for the trauma doesn’t mean telling yourself that it wasn’t so bad or creating a better feeling story.  It just means allowing it to be there.

X happened and I made it mean Y and now I create a reality that feels uncomfortable but FAMILIAR because I have been practicing it for so long.

Everyone does it!

The key is to NOTICE the story you live in.  As you notice the story you live in, you can then ask yourself, “Is my trauma impacting my story in ways that do not serve me?”  As you ask that question, you create space for your trauma to mean something different, maybe even something that serves you.  This is a form a magic.

#12  All human beings have free will.

Free will = ability to CHOOSE.

All human beings have CHOICE.

Nothing outside of you can ever take or diminish your free well/ability to choose.

Why is this important?

Human beings have been programmed to believe that their external environment creates how they feel internally.  This programming has resulted in a collective humanity that have abandoned their free will, while claiming it was stolen.

Such waste of energy!

In every moment you CHOOSE what you make things mean.

In every moment you DECIDE how you feel by what you think.

In every moment, you CREATE your reality.

Noticing what you think and how you feel in each moment is the first step to empowering your free will.

Notice. Notice. Notice.

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