September 29, 2022

How to Stay Grounded in this Retrograde Energy.


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September is definitely feeling quite strange.

Since the beginning of the month, I felt as though the energy was very stagnant and I did not quite feel like myself. At first, I was not quite sure if it was because I recently experienced a huge fire in my town in Northern California. Because the fire was just a little bit north of me, it was incredibly scary, sad, and inconvenient as we were out of power for four days.

Additionally, I was likely picking up the energy around me. As things subsided and I felt as though I processed this, I was still feeling a bit off and it hasn’t let up. The next weekend, we experienced a full moon in Pisces and Mercury went retrograde, which is now the sixth planet that is retrograde. Additionally, on September 11, which will last through the end of the month, Uranus and Saturn squared again as they did three times last year.

If you recall, Uranus and Saturn squared last year, which were powerful alignments that shook a lot of us up. Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, represents freedom, innovation, and change. Saturn is our challenge and limitation. This pattern was asking us to resolve the conflict between our need for freedom and our need for structure and security.

Because of this Uranus Saturn square, we are revisiting the lost and disoriented feeling from last year. Add that to the retrograde storm, this is some heavy energy that is likely impacting us. I have definitely had difficulty maintaining a high vibration this month.

Once again, I find myself questioning many aspects of my life and feeling quite unsettled. I have also been struggling with some serious self-judgment that I had thought I resolved quite a while ago. I have heard that many other lightworkers are also currently facing a similar confusion as to the next steps in their journeys. If you are a lightworker and of the mindset that we are shifting into a new consciousness, you have also likely been having a difficult month.

As I pondered this state of confusion, I had several insights. The first one was that I believe we lightworkers have been called to create the blueprint for this new society based on 5th-dimensional reality.

Last year, I moved to Mt. Shasta and am amazed at how many lightworkers I have met that recently moved here and have the same vision. Ever since 2020, many of us have been reevaluating our lives and some of us made huge changes geographically, in our careers, relationships. There is this knowing that we need to make some major life changes, but sometimes can’t quite put our finger on what it is. It feels as if our life pre-2020 doesn’t quite fit but we don’t know exactly what does.

Although I believe most of us finally got used to the strange perception of time, especially the acceleration of it, as well as all the need to rest and recover from all the physical upgrades. However, I think we are still grappling with this uncharted territory as we are straddling the 3rd and 5th dimensions. We have a knowing of where we are going, but we know that we are not quite there yet and we are unclear as to the steps to get there.

Although we can conceptualize what it might feel like, we don’t quite have a clear picture of the nuts and bolts of it just yet. Navigating this limbo place is quite a challenge, especially for those of us who usually have a plan as to where we are going. Although we would love to believe that we are already living in this 5th dimension state, we are still constrained by 3D reality and we don’t quite know how long we will be in this 4th-dimensional state. It has been difficult to sit and wait for that information to present itself.

Additionally, this retrograde is bringing up more subconscious stuff for us to clear. This past week has been extremely difficult for me, as I found myself in a serious funk. However, a few days ago, I remembered something that I had heard from Lorie Ladd. She mentioned that emotions are just energy in motion and sometimes we just need to observe them, sit with them, feel them and let them pass.

I realized that I was allowing these emotions to consume me and was doing quite a bit of judging. I decided to see if I could just not attach to them. The first day was difficult as I could feel these emotions attempting to take over my mood. By the next day, I felt like I was getting the hang of it. Although I can feel these uncomfortable emotions, I am maintaining a decent vibrational state knowing that this will soon pass.

The second insight I received was concerning our health. Now more than ever, it is time to focus on really taking care of ourselves. I believe that one of the lessons we will be teaching within this blueprint of our new earth is the ability to heal our bodies with the power of our intentions.

Many of us believe in the power of our minds and know that we have the ability to heal our bodies with our thoughts, by shifting our belief systems about our health, and processing trauma that is stored in the body. I find it fascinating that although many do believe in the placebo effect, many don’t truly understand how profound this is.

I believe that we have been and will be clearing old programs that are preventing us from healing. I hope all of you are taking great care of yourselves as we sit and wait for the rest of the information to present to us as we continue building this new earth.

Sending you all peace and love!

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