September 2, 2022

If you write something, & no one’s around to hear it, is it writing? #ElephantAcademyFall

For many writers, writing is about writing. Meaning, they want to be a writer. They write. They view is at a career. That’s fine.

But the larger, more exciting promise of writing is something that can not be owned by professional writers. Writing is not for writers, it’s for all of us. It’s a means to find our voice, to share our voice, to be of benefit to others.

That’s a big deal! That’s magic! To find our voice—that’s something that transforms our entire life. Already found it? Refine how to find it, again and again. Already a pro at that? Share it, connect with others, inspire them and in so doing enjoy catharsis, that mix of sad and joy that some call active empathy.

Writing has a power in it, if we approach it not with performance or fame in mind, but more simply: sharing our voice, opening up to ourselves, connecting with others.

If you write something in a forest, and no one’s around to hear it, does it count as writing?

Of course. And yet…

Half the magic of writing is in opening up to oneself (Maitri, which we practice in Elephant Academy). The other half is in inspiring others through sharing your experience simply, directly, without subterfuge.

And so, in Elephant Academy, we connect. We share. We do both. We learn from our peers, our mentors, Elephant’s editors, our readers on Elephantjournal.com (one of the last great indie web sites surviving Facebook’s algorithm change)…and ourselves.

Have you written an Instagram caption this year? An email at work? A difficult text to a loved one? Have you found yourself challenged about your opinions on social media?⁠

Each of those seemingly isolated things involve your voice. Your heart. Your truth, and our truth. Or, perhaps, you’ve strayed away from the tough stuff and your voice is buried, waiting to be uncovered, longing for oxygen.

You can discover fun, joy, empathy, power in your voice. And it can be helpful to others, and our entire world, if only a little, when shared. ⁠

This is what Elephant Academy’s Find your Voice community is about.⁠

Find your voice, in community, on the path of Elephant Academy’s most-popular “Find your Voice.”

Join us this Fall, now. We no longer offer regular discounts, so this is special. Take a leap, if so inspired.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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