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September 16, 2022

Sacred Rage of the Feminine

Ever feel so much anger that you want to implode?
As a woman, I have allowed myself to be silenced, voice dimmed to faint echos, apologizing for someone else’s behavior…
When did I start feeling fear of opening my heart and speaking my truth? How have I given permission for things to get this far?
No more. No more ‘people pleaser,’ no more ‘nice girl,’ no more ‘just smile and look the other way.’
I’M. Fucking. Done.
I’m not here to make friends with everyone; your happiness is your responsibility.
I choose this life to make ripples; to wake up and walk my own path, to Be an example of courage and strength.
When will it finally be ‘Ok’ for my rage to be held sacred? When will I stop asking permission to feel and be real?
Now is the time
And there’s so much I’m feeling in this moment thats not even mine. The history of my fore mothers and sisters, generations upon generations of being told to be small and quiet…and what are we supposed to do with these feelings? Rise above them sweetly so we don’t cause a disturbance?
Pardon me as I might bring upon some discomfort but I’m tired of this narrative. Fuck that. I too make space for my body to scream and shout so I may release this darkness, allowing room for the metamorphosis of my Soul to take place. And in witnessing this, you will too.
As I sit with this anger, I realize that anger gives me nothing to hold on to…
so what is behind all this rage?
Is it Love?
Please tell me what the purpose of all this is…
And with this breath, I release…
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