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September 4, 2022

Shedding each morning

“Every morning I wake up and shed away

I shed my worries that come rushing to my mind as I wake up

I shed the longing I have for the future

I shed the thoughts that make me feel small

Every morning I wake up and shed away”

I have been enamoured by some podcasts and YouTube channels I watch on life lessons and facing life situations.

These channels and podcasts have been a source of enlightenment and support in many forms.

Somehow the idea of listening to someone’s survival story is so intriguing, much more than the formidable fictional characters in some movies and series.

The value of human touch in a difficult topic is so important.

I often find myself tutoring my own mind to imbibe some amazing thought altering processes I have learnt from others.

I am very much drawn to Ted talks, and I often find myself viewing videos of women and men who have had to re-engineer their life because of circumstances out of their control.

Key aspects of embracing life that I have come to pick up are as follows –

“You cannot stop what will happen, you just can’t”

It is empowering to feel so less in power when it comes to situations that are beyond us, like having no  control over getting a life altering medical diagnosis for example.

“You will get through it, you just will”

Being a person who would give up so soon , I have trained my mind to look at the fact that I am built to endure, we all are, if we just see the mountains we have climbed we will know that we are built to survive.

“You have the count your blessings”

This may sound toxic positive but in reality this is the one true fact of life, the sheer foundation of survival is to see what I do have and what is working for me.

While I truly understand that just seeing videos or reading about other’s lives is not the key to handling my own.

It all boils down to the efforts I am willing to put to get through a situation.

And the fact that there are stories of hope and strength around , that is reason enough to keep trying.

For it is easier to not shake or shed but it’s far more freeing to let all the burdens go.

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