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September 4, 2022

The Other side of Fear Isn’t What You Think It Is

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on Pexels.

It is often thought that the other side of fear is fearlessness.

This I fear, is  a myth a legend a story we create.

Fear like every other emotion isn’t a bad thing.

The only thing that gets us caught up is when fear keeps us frozen and stuck.

If we admit the affects of fear there is acceptance and healing moving forward.

This is a process.

How do we get on with this process?

First we observe with some curiosity and then we lean into fear.

Yes, we accept that our fear is real and what it is doing to us and then we move towards it and through.

Essentially, we become in touch with our fear.

We ask some questions and then we face it, hold it and move with fear.

For those that have experienced trauma fear might seem irritational and come out of no where. Fear can be hard wired into nervous systems. We can learn to calm and soothe rewiring our own neural circuits

Radical acceptance is a total surrendering accepting what is and moving forward regardless. This is living life fully. I will be honest this takes daily practice and commitment and sounds like this:

Today, I will hold hands with fear.

Today, I embrace fear and hold it tenderly, I hold myself tenderly.

Today, i walk with fear into this bright new day..

In my imperfection I am perfectly ok.

The other side of fear is fear itself and pure acceptance.

I may falter and I may fail yet nothing is a loss for living is the ultimate gain.

This life is now.

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