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September 3, 2022

Zero Qualifications and BOOMING !!!

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.

I didn’t get any fancy pant grades at school – if I’m honest, I got ZERO, nada, not a sausage!

I was so ashamed to admit this for many years, as I felt like a complete failure.

Truthfully though…

I knew I didn’t need any qualifications to be a professional dancer, as this was my childhood dream.

So I didn’t go to Uni and get a degree in XYZ.

I spent three years at London Studio Centre, a Performing Arts College.

Flitting between Ballet class and breakfast at the local cafe…

With contemporary and choreography in between and weekend benders at the Astoria Club to blow off some steam.

I got a diploma in performing arts…

Then I went on to travel the world dancing.

And finally, when I settled, I built my successful dance school.


I didn’t know what I was doing!

Far from it.

I didn’t have a clue…

I started small and grew slowly as I learned.

I taught myself everything I needed to know…

From finance to data entry, marketing to design, building communities to promotion.

I learned through trial and error!


Nothing was going to stop me from following my dreams – and never will.

Then life happened, and a newfound passion grew from deep inside me.

I became a yoga teacher and took the skills I knew and learned some more to grow my online yoga brand.

It was hard at first starting something new at the age of 43…

I was at the bottom again and had to work my way up.

But I did slowly but surely until my classes were full and I had an online presence…

And then.

Just when I thought I was done with career changes.

Coaching came out of the blue, found ME by complete chance, and changed my life forever…


I don’t come from a corporate background.

I didn’t have a previous career in finance.

I only had a so-called regular 9-5 job once for a few months in the 1990s as it was the only way I could get myself on the mortgage ladder.

Fast Forwards to today…

I run a successful and thriving coaching business with my hubby Rico.

How did I do everything with my lack of qualifications?

I dream big.

I do the work.

And don’t let limiting beliefs stop me from being on my A-Game.

I have invested in the skills to grow my business.

I have invested in mentors and coaches.

And I study every fricken day to up-level my business.


Just because I work hard doesn’t mean it’s hard work!

When you work on your passion…

Your ‘work’ ceases to be work.

Are you working on your passion?

Qualifications or not…


Never forget that.

Have a fab day!


Mimi x x x.

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