October 21, 2022

A 5-Minute Exercise to Help Activate your Heart’s Desires.


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Your dreams have been placed in your heart for a reason. Go after them.

That’s what my inner voice kept telling me for years.

Yes, my friend, it can be scary stepping into a new realm of consciousness, into the unknown. But there is nothing to be scared about. It’s just one more part of you that wants to be seen.

So, I have to ask you:

What’s keeping you from living the life you are called to live?

That may take you a moment to answer. No hurry. And, just know, it is not unusual for you to receive a different answer each time you inquire about this question.

Take some time this weekend just for you.

Reflect on your life and ask, “what is wanting to arise in me? What does life want to show me right now?

So, what about you, beautiful soul? What is your heart longing for?

You can use this process as a guide for exploring and activating your own heart’s desires. Each time I do this something new and beautiful shows up. Enjoy being in your own wonderful and mysterious wonderful presence.

You are beautiful—divinely beautiful.

Below, I offer you a five-minute exercise that can help guide you to your answers.

When you’re ready, make yourself comfortable.

Close your eyes, lying down or sitting up, and activate your imagination and intuition.

Before you begin, I invite you to say this mantra:

“The answers come to my awareness with ease from Divine Spirit.” (Repeat three times out loud if you can.)

Then, say:

>> I am worthy.

>> I am loving.

>> I am deserving.

(Repeat three times.)

Now, ask your wise self:

1. What can I do right now to be a better version of me?

Is it speaking up when you are afraid? Is it wearing clothes that align with your own personal style? Maybe it’s using your “no’” more often and choosing to do what only feels good and alive for you.

For many people, it’s choosing to stop something that is undermining them and keeping them playing small. These are just some examples of putting your personal power into action.

Perhaps there’s bigger action that is calling you like quitting your job, changing careers, leaving an unhealthy relationship, or changing your friend group.

How about making that decision that involves scary stuff (or a lot of it)? Procrastination, in this case, is not your friend. Eat the elephant.

“Surrender becomes easier when you realize the fleeting nature of all experiences.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

2. What does a better version of me feel like?

Feelings can be tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are coming from our head or our heart. Taking a moment to just sit quietly and focus on your breath can settle you.

Once you feel regulated, ask yourself the question, “ How do I want to feel throughout my day?”

Maybe it’s feeling happier, more confident, peaceful, or more present. You may want to feel less agitated and more empowered. Whatever it is, try your best to identify how you want to feel, and then, listen.

Then ask, “What do I need to change or do so I can feel this way?”

You may want to write them down later so you can refer back to them. Having awareness of your feelings allows you to have control over what you are thinking and change. You can always change your thoughts in any given moment and take them in a new direction in order to feel the way you desire to feel.

“Thoughts are going by like a river; awareness simply is.” ~ Ram Dass

The wonderful journey of tuning into your heart and allowing it to open can lead you onto a powerful path of love and transformation. You’ll be guided by your truths, no longer be plagued by self-doubt, and you’ll begin to explore all that you truly are.

You are one beautiful divine being with limitless power and wisdom.

Owning my own personal inner power has been life-changing for me.

I now choose to experience what sets my heart on fire because if I wait, it may be too late. We never know what tomorrow will bring. I can almost promise you that life will never be the same once you start living from your heart and getting out of your head.

Have a wonderfully, beautiful day, and remember to love yourself more.

PS. If you enjoyed this article, I would be appreciative if you gave it some love by “hearing” it and leaving your thoughts in the comments. Peace and blessings.

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