October 7, 2022

Aries Full Moon: Relationships Begin & End with You. {October 9}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Life is relationship.

Life is how and what we relate to. Life is a smorgasbord of relating opportunities and dynamics to better help shed light on the wholeness of who and what we truly are—souls incarnate, beings embodied on this earth plane for just a little while.

Many of us go about our lives existing from the more egoic lens of identification: who am I based on this job title? Who am I based on this financial status? Who am I in this relationship? Who was I then, and who am I now?

That last one seems to be the most potent of questions these days, as many of us (if not all) have gone through a drastic death/rebirth cycle that only seems to keep stretching on for a length of time our minds never believed we could withstand the trials and storms of life for.

But here we stand, shaken, but not without grit. Broken open, but not without depth of perspective of this soulful, human existence. We have all been shifting and are continuously being shifted in drastic, unfathomable ways. Asked to surrender and let go of knowing what’s to come over and over, and over again. It’s been a relentless spiritual test to let go of the sturdiness of foundation beneath our feet and open to a bigger creation opportunity to say yes (even in the pain, grief, horror, terror, and fear) to what is spiraling in and out of our realities, hearts, and experiences.

We chose it all on some level, even if our human minds and egos forget. We came here to be a part of the global awakening of humanity by first awakening ourselves. Underneath the conditioning, the titles, the identities, lay the energy of the soul, the essence of life, few of us are brave enough to touch, let alone step fully into its path in this lifetime. It takes courage, relentless and unwavering faith, and absolute trust in the fabric of creation to know that even in the resistance, we are being shown all the ways in which we hold ourselves at bay from touching this infinite source of love, ready to hold and usher our hearts in each time we risk the former death of self.

Life is one giant energetic experiment—one we signed up for, and one we often feel these days is just too damn much to wrap our small human minds around. We all have been shifting more internally the last few months—and in the month of September especially—as we had seven planets in retrograde motion. All these retrograde energies gave us a hefty dose of internal excavation to see into our own haunted houses within the self and where our hurts and challenges still exist and permeate outwardly into the world and our relations.

No one is immune from this process. We are the self first and relate to other, secondary. Of course, it doesn’t exist in linear fashion, but rather a feedback loop. How we relate to ourselves directly correlates with how we relate to others, and vice versa. We are always being shown in our relationships parts of ourselves. Mirror work in this reality never ends. That’s the power of relationships.

And being that we are in Libra season, a sign and energy well-known for its emphasis on relationships, this energy is brought even more into the focal point of our experiences. We have also had Mercury, the planet that rules communication and the mind, as well as technology, in the sign of Libra for the last few weeks. To top it off, we had a Libra new moon on September 25, a new energetic start to our relational patterns and dynamics, if we so choose it.

We all have been clearing out so damn much around relational patterns, old hurts, wounds, triggers, and disappointments. None of this is the easy work. Often, energetically sensitive souls may feel that to be alone in the energy of the hermit is way easier than navigating the various challenges relationships can bring. But it’s through them that we can shift and evolve, especially in the discomfort.

Libra season is in full swing, and we all have been feeling and seeking a balancing out of energies. Many of us have made the needed changes and decisions in order to get something moving forward: perhaps a new home, an ending of a relationship (for in that there is a new beginning also), an ending of summer travels, or a new job venture. And we are now shifting into the latter half of the year where the dark and light begin to dance in more drastic ways together. Libra rules our communication and our ability to harmonize in our communication with others. With Mercury having been in retrograde for the last few weeks, it could have been extra challenging to find ease and harmony in our communication channels with others.

With the lessons hopefully becoming more intact and integrated, Mercury will station direct on October 2 in its home sign of Virgo before it enters its shadow period for another two weeks. This is the shift of the retrograde energy beginning to lessen and for the energies to start moving forward to some degree.

To add to this more forward dose of energy, we will be having a full moon in the fiery sign of Aries on October 9 at 4:54 p.m. EST. Landing at 16 degrees of the cardinal sign, this full moon is giving us all a clear, illuminating path forward by first closing out what’s come before. Aries energy is here to remind us how to be courageous enough to strike out on our own again, to step into our sovereignty and independence with deeper trust in the self to navigate the coming roads.

This full moon is making a conjunction to Chiron in Aries, in retrograde. This wound excavation energy has been present with us for some time now. A full and deep dive into all the wounds in relation to ourselves, to our identities, to our sense of self, to our ability to trust the self, wounds around safety and rootedness as well. We have been moving through a deep energetic cycle of clearing out the false ego, leaving us all feeling pretty damn raw and vulnerable.

With this full moon in Aries dancing and intermingling with Chiron in Aries, we could be seeing the healing work we have done thus far, shining a bright light on the bravery of the self to forge this alternative path of healing, to know—even if we don’t and didn’t always feel like we did—that within the self we have the wisdom needed to heal. Even if others could never understand our own winding journey of healing. Even if our journey of healing looked like chaos and destruction. Fire doesn’t play, but fire transmutes all poison back into medicine. The great elixir of transmutation. Alchemy. Purification.

We may be feeling some of the residual wounds we still carry around this full moon, and perhaps a deeper invitation to forgive. To forgive the self for not getting it “right.” To forgive the self for being human. To forgive the self for the hurt others have experienced as a result of our actions. To forgive the self for all the debts we feel we owe for merely walking this path of life and learning as we go. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful vessels through which we can heal the fractured sense of self. It’s a way to communicate to these vulnerable parts that they are loved through it all, even if our judgmental minds or the judgements of others have told us otherwise.

A powerful practice of forgiveness to self or other is Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice that loosely translates to “cause things to move back into balance.” This is perhaps the most befitting practice for Libra season. To right any wrongs. To release the pain and aching in our chests for any lingering hurts we are carrying and to first and foremost mend the relationship to self by forgiving anything that feels charged and holding leverage of punishment and threat over our own hearts. This practice is simple. We repeat silently or out loud to self or other these phrases (as many times and as often as needed), perhaps with a hand laying gently over our own hearts, or imagining and visualizing the higher self of the other person as we speak them:

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

A prayer of purification and release. A blessing to our own hearts that we never needed to be perfect in order to be loved. It is a practice that this full moon can remind us of. Of the power of our intentional words directed toward healing. An acknowledgement of the self.

We are being shown underneath all the layers of trauma and identification that perhaps, we, too, among others in our reality, have vastly and repeatedly overlooked the sacredness, majesty, and pure magic and power of our own beings. Of the power of our own love.

Aries is all about the self, and Libra about the other. With the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries, we will continue this energetic conversation of how to be in sacred, conscious, and openhearted relationships with the self, and from there, can our external relationships begin to mirror back that truth? More often than not, we accept judgment and abuse in our relationships because on some level, we carry these energies within still and are holding ourselves hostage to pain based off of feeling worthy of receiving this harsh treatment.

With Libra energy afoot, though, we are being asked to see the possibilities of the healing available in our relationships. To be openhearted to what is to come, not the limitations of the perceived restraints or constraints. To see the possibilities of a world beyond what we’ve known it to be, if it has been more full of pain, hardship, and suffering. Because we may, in fact, have a strong identity looping in and addicted and attached to our own pain stories and suffering. That’s often the buried pattern of addiction we don’t want to see or own.

Adding to this energy, Libra has moved into the sign of Venus, its home ruling planet, gifting us a heart-centered dose of goodness and new connections. The sun is conjunct Venus, which is supporting our relationships moving forward and bringing about possible new connections and healing opportunities in old relationships.

Saturn and Pluto will both station direct in the month of October. We have been deep-sea diving into the realms of our outdated structures and reflecting on our karmic patterns, all the meanwhile reorienting ourselves back to our power centers by having first undergone a deep death of our prior sense of self, seeing where power imbalances have been in our relationships and where we have given too much power to others to decide our lovability.

Because we know on a deeper level now that we are lovable and worthy because we exist, because who and what we are is divine, is source embodied, is so devoutly sacred and pure. How could that ever be tampered with, truly? It is the most hidden gem and untouchable part within us that can never be scathed no matter how dark it gets.

Mars, the ruler of this full moon, will be moving into retrograde motion in the sign of Gemini October 30 and remains there until January 12, 2023. These next few months will be primed with opportunity to reevaluate our action steps and align truly with our deepest, most truest soul desires and path. We will get to explore and see how and why we act the way we do, and if these actions are aligned with our false self, or our soul self. A time to re-examine our rigid patterns and where we are holding too tightly onto paths that maybe aren’t even ours to hold onto. Where can we become more flexible and adaptable? Where can we be more open to change being the best thing for us?

We will also have the final Saturn square Uranus transit October 2, and this energy will last most strongly so for the next 10 days, but the changes and jolts will carry us forward. Saturn having been in Aquarius is the vision of what’s to come. Uranus in Taurus is the foundation shaker, here to get us aligned with our truest values. Saturn wants responsibility. Uranus demands liberation and freedom. Two seemingly counter and conflicting energies coming head-to-head, we will get another dose of how sides of ourselves and in the collective are relating to the other. And can we perhaps allow both energies to co-exist simultaneously without the need to fully act upon or identify with one or the other?

Because eclipse season is coming for us, for our own greatest evolution and expansion, in the sign of Scorpio, two weeks after the full moon. Change is here for us, and we are ready to be shifted and moved, even if parts of us want to grip on tightly.

We are becoming the dragonflies on our own paths with wings to fly, holding the energy of transformation and change within the soul’s awareness of this human existence.

Because life was never meant to be predetermined for us. These cosmic energies merely set the stage. They set us up for evolution and the deepest profound growth. And, yes, there can be great pain, loss, and confusion in that process of remembering who we are at a soul level.

This Aries full moon is here to remind us that relationships begin and end with us. It all starts and ends within the self. Healing. Forgiveness. Letting go. Remembering. Remerging back into the light. Deep diving and descending into darkness. Relationships mirror back to us truth we’ve long forgotten, even if in the vast paradox and opposing energies of love.

This full moon is an ending and a beginning. All in one. One in all. A re-creation of the self we have been remembering. A letting go of the false selves. A letting go of the outdated, relational patterns that keep us captive in pain and cast out from our own love.

Let this full moon remind you of your courage to be here in this human form at this time. Let this full moon remind you that you have healed in so many ways already. Let this full moon remind you that this next phase is about more of you coming through and expressing itself in new, previously unimagined ways. That your truest self is the most trustworthy part of you. And that forgiveness of all selves acting and having acted out of fragmentation is the greatest gift of love and service to the collective healing and evolution.

Let this full moon remind you of your wholeness by acknowledging all parts and emotions with loving awareness and compassion. That our relationship to our wounds becomes the foundation through which all other relationships build upon. That maybe if we relate a little more kindly to our own human hearts, that this kindness can find others along our path too.

It ends and begins with you. So, let pain, judgement, and hatred end within your own heart. And let love, kindness, and the wellspring of compassion begin with you now.

“If you want the moon, do not hide at night. If you want a rose, do not run from the thorns. If you want love, do not hide from yourself.” ~ Rumi


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